Boy bag for everyday

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  1. I absolutely love the style but worry about the weight for daily use. Anyone use medium boy bag as an everyday bag?
  2. At one point my medium boy was my everyday bag and it was perfect for what I needed on a daily. I packed it to the brim and did not find it to be too heavy. Now, I use a much larger bag. It really just depends what you are carrying.
  3. I do use my medium Boy as an everyday bag and it can get a little heavy especially worn crossbody but then I usually switch it up and carry it as a shoulder bag and put my hand under the chain on my shoulder because I feel like it sometimes keeps sliding off. But most of the time you'll be in a car or you stop for coffee or whatever where you sit down and take your handbag off so it should be fine. It's just when you carry it for like 5 hours straight without sitting it down for a minute, at least for me
  4. I use my boy old medium as an everyday bag and it’s super comfy even though I am overly sensitive to heavy bags. Always wear her crossbody and love how you can dress her up or down. I also have the filigree vanity which I find less comfy and sold my pochette métis which really started to get cumbersome after wearing her a few hours straight. I don’t have the issue about the strap slipping off at all.
  5. I use my black boy as everyday and it’s ok . Can get little heavier but I used to it .
  6. I’ve been using my boy for everyday and love it! I mainly use crossbody.
  7. I recently pulled out my old medium for a long day of walking around and being out. I was trying to bring it back into rotation so bad. For me it was hard. The bag was heavy after a while and I wear mine cross body so every time I had to take the bag off and on chunks of my hair were raveled around the strap where the little adjustment nubs are. It’s gorgeous and i still love it but I was reminded last weekend why I don’t wear it every day
  8. I‘d also say that it isn’t an everyday bag since it’s too heavy. I wear it crossbody and my shoulders/neck always start hurting after about an hour. And I have to say: given how huge it looks, you‘d be surprised how little it carries. (New medium)

    i still love it. Love hurts.
  9. It really depends on how much walking you’re doing and how much you would put in the bag. I wear mine pretty often casually on the daily and it doesn’t bother me. I drive a lot though
  10. If a bag is heavy I often go for carrying a tote along with it and just putting money and phone in the crossbody bag. Also a solution for a too small bag.
  11. I used my boy for every bag and travel bag too. I find it comfortable cause boy can fit all my stuffs and when traveling the bag is right in front all the time so no worries about thief. I suggest you go for caviar leather so you less worry about scratching your bag when using it