Boy bag closure

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  1. Hello everyone! Does anyone have a certain way of closing thier boy bag? Im just afraid of breaking the latch. Should I press and hold the sides of the latch
    Until it connects then let go? Or just press the flap against latch together to shut? Thanks for your feedback! :smile:
  2. I just press the flap down to close it but I've heard to close it properly you should really squeeze the sides of the lock together before closing it like you would when you open it.
  3. Yes I've heard that too. Just to be careful I have been squeezing the sides. It's kind of annoying cause it can be difficult to find the latches to match. Lol. Thanks for your feedback :smile:
  4. I always squeeze the sides to close the flap. That way I don't break the latch easily and don't squeeze the bag too much neither. Eventually pushing it too many times by not squuezing the side might make the bottom sag (if that makes sense)
  5. I squeeze the sides of the latch before fitting it to the lock and releasing...
  6. This is really informative- thanks ladies!
    I never thought about it, I always just push the latch in, sometimes have to push really hard when my bag wasn't filled, and I have been noticing sagging at the bottom, and was wondering if I have been storing my boys wrong..