Boy bag Chevron silver caviar leather ?

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  1. Hello ladies,
    I saw this gorgeous 16S Boy Chevron. the boutique has just received today. (Paris) ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460470659.103609.jpg

    What do you think?
    Will it get out of style?
    Does a silver bag get dirty easily? I like the caviar leather on it, which makes it more durable.

    I didn't like any of the other colors they had but I need to decide on 1 [emoji20]

    Thanks for your advices
  2. I saw this bag IRL and it is stunning. I don't consider it an everyday bag so it depends on how you plan to use it. I say if you are not sure, don't force and get it.
  3. I agree it is a special color and style, so if you love it then don't miss it! But I don't think the color would take everyday wear if that's what you mean...
  4. I LOVE this color. Love it love it! I don't think good silvers come around often - this with the chevron and the caviar is TDF!
  5. follow your heart :heart: if you have doubt, don't get it. Just wait for the right one :biggrin:
  6. I think that silver color in caviar is so beautiful!! It's so unique. Do you have any modeling shots? Sometimes that helps to make a decision..

    If you don't mind me asking were there other colors available in caviar?
  7. Thank you all! I am waiting for the SA to call me bc they only had new medium and I would prefer the old medium (silver is so flashy the smaller the better)

    I don't use my Chanel bags every day but I don't want to only use them for nights out. Is a silver bag too much for day time?

    I really loved the caviar leather surprisingly bc I don't like it on classic flaps

  8. I didn't bother taking a picture bc it was a new medium and I don't want this size it looks too big on me (I'm about 5'5)

    They didn't have any other caviar Chevron, only this one. They had tons of calfskin Chevron colors though :smile: and also some with the new 'champagne' hardware
  9. hmmm I may be the minority here...

    I don't find silver to be a night time only color. I see silver as a neutral. Think of how silver shoes/heels match every and any color dress. Silver also complement colors that other colors just can't do. for example, I find that if I wear purple clothes or yellow clothes, it would be "too much" to wear a bright red bag or orange bag or bright blue bag, however, silver would complement it very well in small dose as long as it's not "reflective aluminum foil silver" (so to me, in a way it works like a black or white bag).

    I would wear silver shoes with my jeans and t-shirt for example. I find silver to be the perfect color to use as a neutral as an accessory to an outfit but give it a less boring pop compared to black - and that means silver jewelry, shoes, and handbags included (when done in a nice not too flashy eye-blinding way - and I don't think this bag you show on picture is eye-blindingly blingy).

    Since you're also thinking about a size that is not large (old medium), I personally find it perfect for day time use when you keep the outfit simple. I mean, I wouldn't wear it with a bright outfit with fuchsia pink shirt and neon yellow pants :lol: but I don't find it loud when coupled with a regular sweater/t-shirt with nice design and white pants/jeans. in fact, I think a simple day time dress can really be "leveled up" with this bag and simple jewelry.

    Just want to share my 2 cents on the color itself for your consideration of versatility and "day time" use. Of course that all depends on whether or not you're a color person or shy away from bright colors in general, it's all personal preference after all and there are plenty who love only black bags!

    The color looks durable instead of a "metallic coat" which would be the general concern -which this does not look like it is at all -and that's a great thing combined with the caviar and ruthenium hardware. :smile:

    Good luck with your decision, I have a dark silver caviar jumbo and it goes with all my casual outfits and not too loud at all (my bright blue and red bags are way louder).
  10. This bag is such a beauty! My concern would be fading though, as metallics are typically known to fade easier then non metallics, that is my understanding.
  11. I'm obsessed with this bag and I plan to get it myself. I think it's a very wearable silver, since it's caviar and not as flashy. I haven't seen much chatter about this bag here so I thought it was not as popular - not that that matters, we should get whatever we love! Nice to see that someone else has taken notice [emoji4] If you have your heart set on something different though, you shouldn't settle. Chanel is too pricey to be settling! 🤑
  12. wow, it's gorgeous!

  13. Did you keep the silver boy chevron?

    I just got mine mid April, so far I love it! I think it is a unique piece. It feels very sturdy with a shine at night and surprisingly not too flashy during the day, I was just wearing jeans(RHW is a good thing).

    I happen to bang a wall with it, I almost fainted bec I was worried about the bag!!! [emoji23]. And no single scratch nor dent. It is pretty hardy like the black caviar.

    But of course do not settle on something you are not 100% sure.
  14. #14 Apr 27, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2016
    In addition, after meticulously looking/feeling/scratching (OCD here) I don't think the coating of this metallic caviar leather will fade. It is just like my black caviar CF flap but silver.


    Indoor light

    Date Night [emoji6]
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