Boy and Girl bunny together?!?!

  1. Okay so 2 weeks ago DH and I decided to get my son a bunny. So we had a cage and bought some food and went and let our son pick out the bunny from relatives who raise rabbits. We wanted a boy bunny, just thought it would be easiest. So my mother-in-law thought that our bunny, who my son named Franklin, needed a friend so she came home the next day with another bunny. Well guess what? She bought a GIRL bunny. So my husbands cousin who shows rabbits at the fair said that our boy bunny wouldn't be able to reproduce for 2 or 3 months.

    Then I heard about getting rabbits spayed and neutered so we've decided to get Franklin neutered. Has anyone ever done this with their bunny and what exactly does it entail? Also what did it cost you? We've called a few different places and we've heard prices from $300 to $90, which still seems kinda pricey. Any opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated. My son is totally in love with his bunnies and we'd like to keep them both, but we don't want babies.:s
  2. How old are the bunnies? Keep them seperated until both are neutured!! It's been ages since I got my bunny now so I can't really remember but I think (don't hold me to this) that you have to wait till the bunnys are above a certain age (I think it's like 6 months for a girl and maybe 3/4 months for a boy) before they can be neutured.

    Then once they are neutered don't just shove them in a cage together straight away they need to be bonded together slowly it most probably won't happen over night & can take a few weeks. definately do some bunny research on that site it's fabulous. If you have a livejournal there are bunny related communities on there too and people are SO helpful if you want any advice. I was pretty clueless when I got my bunny and that site was a really good insight. there is the page with spaying information if you wanted to take a look at it!

    and last but not least... take some photos of your bunnys to share with us!! :smile:
  3. Thank you for your advice. I'll check out that site and I'll post pics as soon as I can. Bunnies really are adorable. I've never had any before but I think we'll always have them now.
  4. We have a bunny and he is the cutest thing ever. He is very tame and friendly. He loves to play tug of war with a paper towel holder or newspapers. He jumps on your lap when he wants to be petted and licks your hands like a cat would. He is just so much fun. My kids wanted a dog, we got a much easier to take care of. I can not say enough great things about having a bunny as a pet.
  5. I agree that you need to do some reading on bunnies to keep them safe and healthy. Please be sure that your vet has some experience with neutering your boy.....You may also decide to spay your females as well. Where I live it cost the same as cats...

    They are such wonderful pets, and can really be great indoor animals....ours came when we called him, watched TV with us, used puppy training pads and happily slept in his cage at night.

    Good luck!
  6. katielady, try searching for low cost spay/neuter clinics in the area around you..i got mine neutered for about $55...and this was about 1.5 months ago...private clinics will charge 300-500..
    my rabbit is doing well!
  7. I would recommend you spay your female also. If they go unspayed it increases their chances of getting uterine cancer.
  8. Yep, ITA. I had a Dutch bunny when I was a kid and she died of uterine cancer. It could have been prevented with spaying, but I was just a kid and had no clue about that stuff :sad:
  9. I agree that the boy and girl should be separated until they are neutered. Boys can be neutered at about 3 months or whenever the testicles descend, whereas girls should be about 6 months old before they are spayed. They should both be neutered because if they fall in love, sometimes the boy will want to "mate" with the girl and she will think that she's pregnant and then reject him after that, which can be quite sad for the boy. I agree that bunnies make incredible pets - I'm biased!
  10. AWWWWW All theser bunnies make me want one!!!!:crybaby:
  11. how'd it go?