BOY am I back on the bandwagon. REVEAL


Feb 24, 2009
The last time I bought any Chanel was back in 2009, I got a Black PST with ghw and a grey M/L classic flap with shw.. when the Boy bag came out a few years ago I really loved it! I've had my eye on the style for years[emoji846] I recently got a new job/promotion and thought it might be time to check them out again and came across this beauty! Had to have it [emoji16] over three weeks and counting ( I saw some posts about chipping and I pray this doesn't happen to me *knocks on wood* )
Apr 24, 2009
You look stunning with the Boy! The blue suits you very well :heart:. I cant stop smiling looking at how happy you look wearing her :biggrin:. Congratulation on your new job/promotion!
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