Boy, 14, charged as adult in clothes-dryer murder of 4-year-old

  1. I'm so sickened by this, and it really makes me question whether it's possible for a person to be born evil. How could he do such a thing?
  2. The newspaper here today revealed that the 14 y.o.'s father was put in jail for 3 years for molesting the 14 y.o. when he was young. This is sickening. I'm having a hard time putting the sole blame on the teenager, although what he did was beyond evil. When will the cycle end?
  3. ^^ that explains it right there. no healthy and 'normal' teen would be molesting and sodomizing anyone and then kill them. it's disgusting that a father would pass on those horrible traits to his son...and now son is following in daddy's footsteps. he will most likely spend his life in jail. at least i think he should.
  4. This is a very sad case where we have to victims.

  5. I'm not surprised I knew someone had to have abused him. Very sad for all parties involved.
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    i usually enjoy your posts but i do have to disagree with this statement. actually, in all honesty it did disgust me.
    yes, i do agree his crime is awful but having read that he was himself abused by his own father gives a bit of an insight on the mind of this kid.
    i am sorry for both families especially the 4 year old's. and i do agree with the poster that said that we do have two victims here, if someone had intervene earlier or taken that boy away from his father maybe this tragedy would have been avoided.
    two young lives wasted.
  7. This whole story makes me really sad. :sad: It was kind of expected story behind of this boy considering his horrible behaviors, but still, it is really sad to hear and be confirmed by it...

    It reminds us how a proper psychiatric treatment is important for a sexually abused/attacked victim after the attacker/molester is arrested and removed, especially when the victim is a little child...
  8. right. I still cant wrap my head around this story, its heinous
  9. It's a 'lose-lose' situation from the get go. Very upsetting :cry:.

    But how does society stop this kind of thing from happening?? Imo, people are cross and angry because there doesn't seem to be an answer...and whilst everybody may react and have a justified opinion on it (myself included), what can be done to stop this kind of thing, and I mean in practical terms?? I mean the starting point seems to be not the starting point - it seems to go back historically into the family :shrugs:.

    It's all very depressing.
  10. ^^
    wish i had an answer to that...the whole thing is really depressing.can't even imagine the pain for the parents of the dead child...
  11. i know. thats what makes it hard.

    we can be more proactive as a society and really watch the children. i'll be that this wasnt the first time the 4 year old was abused by this 14 year old. idk, there is no answer for this
  12. Totally agree, I don't even let my 11 yr old play outside without me sitting there watching her, let alone my 3 yr old! NO WAY!
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    What I don't understand is how he thought it was ok to molest the 4 year old, even though his father did the same to him when he was a child.

    I do understand that behaviors, however brutal or unthinkable, can be learned as a child - but at the same time I think that if I were molested as a child, I would not in turn molest someone else, having known what that feels like (Thank God I've never been in that kind of situation, but I know myself well enough to be sure that I wouldn't have done someone the same way if I had been). I'm sure this depends on the person as an individual and on a case by case basis, but I just feel like I would know it was wrong (I know it is wrong, but I also know that many child molesters tell their victims that what they are doing is "perfectly ok and normal").

    I just feel like, even though the 14 year old was molested himself, it should have been even more of an incentive NOT to do the same to someone else, which means while I agree he needs help, he also should be punished because he knew he was doing something wrong. I'm sorry if I don't feel that everyone should just say "Well he was molested himself, so he shouldn't face any consequences".

    Sorry if this offends, but it is just my personal opinion.
  15. I don't think anyone here is saying that he should not face consequences because he was molested. People are just trying to understand why or how he could do this. Everything you say is reasonable, but this boy isn't capable of reasoning the way you and I are. He wasn't thinking about right and wrong, fair or unfair; he was acting out of self-preservation kuz the boy said he would tell on him. Most of us would never be in that position to begin with. Given what his dad did to him, I think this boy had to detach himself from his feelings in order to survive day after day after day of abuse. You can't survive such trauma without locking the part of yourself that's "broken" and in pain somewhere in a box inside your head. So I doubt he was "feeling" anything when he did what he did. It doesn't change what he did. He'll be punished for sure; he's already skrud.