Boxing Day sales

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm just wondering if someone can tell me if Boxing Day has good sales in the US. I'm from Canada and I've heard that Thanksgiving is a way bigger shopping day in the US. I'm just wondering if I can expect Nordies to lower their online prices on the 26th! I'd really appreciate your input!
  2. I am not too sure about this. but i dont think nordstorm would have much sales. nordstrom didnt even have a sale on thanksgiving! at least not in seattle.. they only have the ongoing women+kids sale on thanksgiving. hope that helps. :smile:

  3. I think Bloomingdales usually has a decent sale the day after Christmas. But I think that a lot of sale stuff is holiday stuff. I can remember going there as a little girl with my mother the day after Christmas for wrapping paper and stuff like that.
  4. Lils, I am actually going to be in Toronto shortly after Christmas, do you know anything about the Boxing Day sales there?
  5. boxing day is a canadian holiday not us holiday. so i doubt there would be any sales there.. maybe an "after-christmas" sale, but no boxing day... correct me if im wrong
  6. Boxing day sales in Toronto are pretty good. Stores open at 8am usually (not as insane as the US Black friday obviously)..if you're from the states you can usually get the taxes you paid shopping in canada back!

    plus most stores have pretty good boxing day sales..i'd suggest going early though cause by 12 the malls are insanely packed
  7. Neiman Marcus usally has a pretty good sale online on Christmas day.
  8. On the Nordstrom web, they said that the mens department will have the Half-Yearly Sale, I'm sure they will have other sales as well.
  9. Go to Bloor St in Toronto. Holts, Gucci, Prada, Hermes all have boxing day merchandise on sale.
  10. If you're going to be in Toronto around boxing day, definitely go to Bloor Street. The shopping centres will be packed, and you can find the same stores on Bloor. Definitely hit Aritzia if you're looking for jeans and also Over the Rainbow (they normally have a 70% denim event around then). You can get great buys on Citizens, 7fam, etc. And Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, etc. are all on Bloor as well. Good luck!