Boxing day reveals from Barcelona & Paris

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  1. I initially wanted to post this in the Paris thread but also wanted to share my shopping experience at Barcelona, so I decided to start a thread for the first time. Thanks in advance for reading my posts, it's going to be a long one as I hope others can benefit from my experience.

    Landed in Barcelona last Friday and didn't intend to visit any Hermes store as I already planned to visit FSH the following week but chanced upon the store along Passeig de Gracia and DH knudged me to pop in.

    I met a friendly SA who explained from the onset that they don't offer B or K to tourists. I told her I was looking for a C and she said they didn't have any available. Then I asked if there's any tpm Evelyn in a neutral colour and she said she's pretty sure they didn't receive any mini but would check. We were served with drinks while we waited. The SA emerged with a small box and then offered me this little cutie. The colour of the bag is in the new beige weimar and comes with the sweet rose/blue zigzag strap. I was smitten by it and took her home immediately.

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  2. Very cute! Congratulations!

  3. Ohhhhh love the new strap! :love: :congrats:
  4. I thanked the nice SA and she asked me to drop by the following day because they usually receive additional delivery in the weekend during X'mas period.

    After lunch at La Bouqueria market, we took a stroll back to our hotel and popped by the shop again. The same SA greeted me immediately and told me that she'd check the inventory. After a 10min wait, she emerged with a small box but this time, led me to a dressing room. My heart started racing :hbeat: and I guessed from the size of the box it could be a C18. As she unboxed the package, she started saying "I'm not sure if you'd like the box leather...". I couldn't believe my ears because I only gave her some colour specs like gris, etain and if red, only rogue h, I didn't specify the leather. I couldn't believe my eyes when she unveiled this beauty in front of me and I squealed in delight....I never dreamt that I could score a brand new box leather H as I thought I could only get a vintage one. The icing on the cake is the colour. I fell in love with rouge h after seeing an antique Hermes pocket watch during their exhibition. To express my gratitude to this kind SA, I decided to purchase a couple of non bag items from her.

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  5. Beautiful !!
  6. Wow! The Constance is beyond beautiful and your mini E is cute as can be. Congratulations!!!!
  7. Next stop at Paris FSH. I tried to book online on Saturday for an appointment on Monday but the message indicated that if I book on Sat, my appt will be for Sunday. I decided to book online on Sunday instead as I arrive only on Monday. However, when I tried on Sunday, the message on the website indicated that Monday appt should be booked on Saturday. That's quite puzzling and when I popped over FSH on Monday evening around 5pm, I explained my strange encounter to the hostess. She explained that most likely I had tried to book the online appt earlier than 11am on Sunday, when their appt system was not open yet. I managed to strike up a friendly conversation with her, asking her about the strike and listening to her lamenting how she may not be able to join her family for X'mas due to the disruption in train service. She then kindly booked me an appointment on Wednesday 11.30am as the following day (Tuesday) was the major demonstration, so she's not sure about the delivery. I was very touched by her kind gesture and thanked her profusely. Hence, giving a listening ear helps :hugs:
  8. More ..... I can’t wait!:smile:
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  9. I arrived early on Wednesday morning once the store opened as I intended to purchase a kelly belt and the new o'kelly bracelet. I realized that I tend to gravitate towards Kelly designs since I started my H journey not too long ago. The same hostess introduced me to an SA almost immediately, much to my surprise since my appointment was supposed to be 11.30am.

    The SA who served me, on the contrary, was not as warm as the hostess. She was polite but business like and asked me what's on my wish list. I told her I already owned an abricot K28 retourne and would love to have a K25 sellier in gris. She looked me in the eye and said, colour is Hermes DNA, so for me to score a Kelly in a classic colour is unlikely but she'll check.

    She disappeared for a long time and I didn't keep my hopes high cos of her lukewarm attitude. However she did emerge with an orange box and utter the magic words,"madame , follow me please". My heart started pounding again when we entered the dressing room. Then she unravelled the packaging and mumbled, " I managed to get what you want..." I couldn't believe my ears

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  10. OMG, OMG!!!! Huge congrats, dear!
  11. X'mas is really special to me this year as all 3 bags were in my wishlist. I don't own any Epsom nor box leather, so I am overjoyed with the surprise findings.

    Just want to say that the current transport strike affects the daily lives of the SAs in Paris. Some of them have to walk 1.5h to work, so do be patient and kind to them.

    I would like to end with best H wishes for everyone this X'mas and the new year, H including health :drinks: and a parting shot of my new etain K25 sellier ghw against the wintry sky in the cottage we stayed in Normandy.

    Thank you for letting me share.

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  12. Thank you .... I think I'll need some financial reigning in 2020:yucky:
  13. Wow! Your bags are amazing!! That Constance is gorgeous. Congratulations
  14. Congrats! I declined a RH Box C on Saturday but I am glad this one has gone along with a lovely Kelly to you, both are stunning indeed. I agree. The SAs are struggling to get to work and I was amazed mine was still so jovial. Happy Boxing Day!
  15. Congratulations, all three bags are gorgeous! That mini Evelyne is so special. Thank you for sharing your lovely reveal!