Boxing Day in Canada--Post your Coach bargains!

  1. OMG! It was absolute chaos but it was sooo worth it!

    I got to the store at 10:am and stood in a huge line up that stretched down the block and around the corner. I waited over an hour and a half in the cold drizzle just to get in the store!

    Inside, the new floorset was out but I didn't have time to look at any of it. I headed straight to the sale section--everything was 30-50% off. There were lots of Ergos, quite a few Legacy bags, Chelsea laced bags, Andrea Satchels, Patchwork bags, Scribble pouches, and some suede bags. They didn't have a good selection of wallets and wristlets--mostly Chelsea ones. No key fobs, charms or other little trinkets either.

    Every so often, an SA would bring out more things and they'd be snatched up as soon as she set them down. People were pushing and shoving to get at the bags. A few tug of wars happened--I couldn't believe the way people were behaving. They had to start calling other SAs for backup to hold back the crowd while they put the bags down. It was sheer madness and I felt so sorry for the poor SAs!

    I considered several bags-- large black patent Ergo, White patent Ergo, black Legacy shoulder bag and a signature Ali. I wanted to take them all home! Thankfully, reason kicked in and I decided on a medium white Ergo and a whiskey (?) Ali both for half price! The Ergo is perfect but poor Ali has a few scuffs and needs some TLC.

    Ladies, if you went shopping at Coach this Boxing Day, let's hear all about your bargains!
  2. wow, sounds like they had an awesome selection... tug of wars... craziness eh? glad you got your pieces!!!
  3. Patent Ergos! AH. You should have bought them! If not to keep but to resell (to me!) haha

    Congrats on your finds. I hope it was worth it! Which location were you at? Vancouver? Yorkdale/Toronto?
  4. Is it only one day sale or few days? week?
  5. man, i missed coach boxing day! we only have holts ni my town but i dont think they had another sale.