Boxing Day...Anyone Braving the Crowds?


i <3 twn
Jul 11, 2006
not me... not brave enough *_* hehe.

Did that a few years back, way too crazy, can't stand the line up... and at the end there was NEVEr any good sales!! Besides, now there is BOXING week... this whole week will have some sort of sale!!

Miss 2 A

Dec 12, 2006
Went to square one - mississauga earlier, was pretty good earlier in the morning however as noon approachthed it was getting a little crowded.

The staff looked really really tired, quite a few sales but I can't compair them to anything since I don't shop at the mall regularly, however I think I did pretty well (bought a silk kimono style dress which I just love and a lot of purchases from H & M )

Stores like Guess were full to the limit with a long lineup outside to get in and many security guards posted and the doors of stores.

The body shop also seemed really full, and I regularly shop there however decided to skip today - went to the crabtree, MAC, rk, Denise and some other stores.


Mar 1, 2006
Well... I ended up going to Quebec :nuts: And nabbed a few deals, nothing spectacular.... except for those 2 cashmere sweaters :graucho: Reduced from 175$ to 29,99$ !!! :yahoo: I don't care if they're last season.... black and beige cashmere? Timeless classics ;)

Oh and the crowd was a lot smaller than I thought it would be... which is a good thing!!!


Jan 1, 2006
I'm going to Bloor Street early tomorrow, leaving home around 8:30 (takes me a while to get downtown.) It's going to rain, so I'm hoping most people go to the malls and there'll be less crowds for me to deal with. :P
I thought Bloor was great, its the malls that suck. Hermes had a huge line at the cash, lots of clothes on sale.
Not many good bags on the table at Holts though........
Going back to Yorkville today, then I am going to be brave and go on to the Eaton Center. I am after a watch and want to see if the jewellry stores have anything off them.
Wish me luck
I went to the mall yesterday morning at 11 ... didn't see too much I was crazy for!! Went to a few stores and ended up at Nordstrom's where I bought a pair of SFAMs (my first pair :heart:) and a jacket to take to Las Vegas (marked down to $29.99). I bought some Coach charms too, because I had a giftcard. I left at 12 and people were fighting for my parking space that was pretty far away. In the hour I was inside it became crazy!!