Boxing Day...Anyone Braving the Crowds?

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  1. So my fellow Canadians (I'm up here visiting family)....are you braving the crowds tomorrow to hit the stores?
    I electronics...just clothing. Hitting up a designer boutique that is offering 25-75% off everything in the store....may pick up some Juicy & SFAM. Then off to the mall for some general clothes shopping (spend those gift cards!)
  2. I'm off to the mall too, not looking for anything in particular but if I find a good deal then why not take it. Last time I was at a boxing day sale was when I was 12 (am 20 now), my mom is totally against going out on that particular day with the crowds and all but we managed to convince her this year.

    Will be up bright and early ..
  3. God no...the crowds are going to be awful! I'm going to wait it out until the weekend, but I doubt it will be much better. Good luck to the ladies heading out tomorrow!
  4. I'm going to Bloor Street early tomorrow, leaving home around 8:30 (takes me a while to get downtown.) It's going to rain, so I'm hoping most people go to the malls and there'll be less crowds for me to deal with. :P
  5. No.

    After having to work the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas the past years, I stay as far away from the mall as I possibly can.
  6. Since I am out of school for Holiday Break, I am working almost every day this week!! :sad:

    Tomorrow, I work 10 am-3pm. I am hoping to go to Victoria's Secret to exchange Divine perfume for Pink perfume, then to Anthropologie to pick up this super cute skirt....hopefully the crowds won't be too bad!!
  7. You bet (but only because I waited till the last minute to pick up some much needed things for my trip!:wacko:)!
  8. Not me!! I will be online shopping poolside... muucccch safer!!!
  9. Not me, I'm to full of food to move.
  10. Yes, bro and I are going shopping, and my dad is coming also! lol!
  11. Yeah, I'm going to the mall (at home... too bad I'm not in Qc) because I REALLY need clothes, a pair of boots and those darling black ballerina shoes :nuts:

    I'll be ready and all dressed for the occasion... a tank top with a sweater that's easy to take off and possibly a skirt... that will surely save me some time when trying things on ;)
  12. I'm getting ready to head out.....wearing a pair of sweats, Uggs, and a sweatshirt....makes it easy to try things on and get in and out quickly!
    I think I'll run up and throw a tank on though...that way I can skip thedressing room and just try on in the middle of the store LOL Good idea newt!

    Good luck ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I came, I saw, I conquered.. it was a really big letdown, nothing that was really disgustingly cheap. I think I'm going to hang onto my wallet until February rolls around !
  14. I did! I hit Holt Renfrew this morning. I was surprisingly good and stuck to my plan of buying one bra. (It wasn't even on sale. Oops!) Then, I hit a smaller boutique and bought a couple of costume earrings. I went into a local mall, and that was it for me. Ten minutes wait just to get into the the store? No thanks!
  15. I went out to Michigan Ave. today... Saks Fifth Ave did have some awesome deals, but nothing really struck me. I did get a bag full of cheap goodies at The Body Shop... lots of great stuff there!