1. Do you guys ask for the boxes when you buy your bag/accessory?

    I almost always do except for my last purchase.
  2. I usually do, but I hate lugging them around the mall with me.
  3. I do, but they really take up a lot of room when storing bags.
  4. i always do...
    i always store my bags in their original boxes and arrange them neatly on my shelf. keeps them safe! (:
  5. Always! If there is not box, I feel something is wrong. I keep all my accessories in their original boxes but never the purses, just because it is too awkward.

    However, storing the unused boxes at home is a bit of a problem, since they take up so much space. And keep in mind, they are such a giveaway to unsuspecting husbands who believed the "this old purse" line we gave them.

    I also never throw out the black shopping bags/white ribbon and have absolutely no use for them either.
  6. With bags & accessories, I always have boxes + dustbag + ID.
    With clothes, I always have Chanel hangers too.

    Great for resale value!
  7. I store my handbags in their dustbags but ditch the boxes; just the habit I got into way back when...primarily because the boxes take up too much room.
  8. I like to keep my boxes!!!
  9. Great question. I always ask for boxes now. They don't automatically give you one sometimes. The boxes help keep the purses safe and from being squished. Also great for resale.
  10. I didn't get a box when I bought my MJ satchel and I was so excited I left without asking. I would like to ask for a box but blew it.
  11. I am one of those people that hate clutter and am not at all sentimental about keeping things. I generally get rid of the boxes, bags, ribbons but in rare cases will keep them. I always store my bags stuffed in the dustbag and do feel that something is amiss if I don't have the dustbag.
    Recently I have been better about asking for and keeping the boxes because I see that it definitely does affect resale value for some reason....
  12. So true!
  13. Out of all my bags I think only the Fendi Spy came in the box although I'm not even certain if it was a proper Fendi box. I ordered it over the phone so it came in some sort of box anyway. I didn't keep it, like macp6 I hate clutter so chuck things out. In fact I think I might have even chucked receipts/authenticity cards for some of my bags :wtf:
  14. I don't specifically ask for boxes when I purchase, since I do throw out most of them when I am sure I am keeping the bag. For me, it's just too much space commitment since I can't store the bags in the boxes anyhow.

    My coco cabas' box was MASSIVE and weighted a ton too. I didn't even take the box out of my trunk, just took the bag herself. :shame:

    My hermes scarf boxes, well that's another story. I keep all of them and the ribbons too.
  15. I am right there with you Mac. I now ask for the box but lots of times they do not have one, or I ended up with the wrong one and to be honest, the newer boxes are horrible. The ends do not stay shut and they are not made well. Not to mention, they do take up a LOT of room!