Boxes for Priority Shipping

  1. Some of my purses are larger than the free Priority Mail boxes. Any advice on where and what I should purchase? Thanks.
  2. I know, it's terrible, huh!! I just ordered some from The box material quality isn't very good, but the customer service is great. Measure twice, then order though!
  3. Hi - you can get lots of different size Priority boxes, and they are delivered free to your house from the USPS website. I do this all the time - have a whole shelf full of them. Category - Priority Mail

    Otherwise, I tend to use old delivery boxes I get from places like Amazon etc. I know some eBay sellers get theirs from the Grocery store too, but I'm not sure if this looks massively professional. Other options would be UPS store, the Post office, or Staples, Office Depot etc.

    Just remember to factor in the cost of any box into your handling fee - those things can be mighty expensive.
  4. I use old boxes too. Just make sure to slap on some Priority Mail stickers and you're all set.
  5. I get boxes at the college where I work. Thing is that I have trouble getting briefcase boxes. I just ordered some from ULine. They suit my needs. One thing that's nice about ordering boxes is they sure look neater in my storage area than a ton of broken down boxes from work!

    I upped my shipping fee on my briefcases because the boxes from uline (adding the cost of th box plus their fee shipping it to me) adds about $1.75 each...
  6. I just ordered some of the largest square Priority Mail boxes from the USPS wesite. They are pretty big, about 12" x 12". They also have some new "shoebox" size that are pretty handy.
  7. the actually have different sized boxes! and a huge one that is $8.15 flat rate! look through the usps site!
  8. I would order from U-Line. If you get a bulk of them it's sold at discounted price.