Boxermom's Campagna made me do it!

  1. Ok, I haven't actually done anything - yet! :nuts: But I had serious bag lust after Boxermom's pix of her new Campagna, and I am in HK with my husband for his work this week and had to go into the BV store (a moral obligation ;) The salesgirl was SO nice, she spent like 1/2 an hour w/me, I tried on the Campagna, the Ball Bag, and the Sloane, all in multiple colors!! Between the quality of the bags and the amazing low-key sales help I think I will be going back to get my 2nd BV (I got my first, a small Veneta in Limo, this spring). I loved the construction of the Sloane (beautiful in Ebano) but I am really leaning toward the Campagna in black, it is just so comfortable and I think it could dress up easily. I am a bit :confused1: on size as even the smaller Campagna is really roomy. Anyway, Boxermom, big thanks for your pictures and if I get a new addition I will post you all. Thanks for letting me ramble!
  2. Do it! Then we can be bag twins. I love my Campana in black!
  3. :yahoo: I'm so happy! you're welcome for whatever little part I had in you deciding on this wonderful bag. Belen and Marly's pics did it for me and I am SO satisfied with the Campana. We all encourage each other--BV should pay us commission!
  4. ^^^:roflmfao: :woohoo: