Boxer puppy in da house! (almost). Advice?

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  1. So my DH has been wanting a puppy for a while now and as fate would have it someone in our neighborhood has boxer puppies for sale. He went to look at them tonight and paid the man a deposit. They are only 5 weeks old which seems too young to me to be separated from their mommy? I know absolutely nothing about puppies or boxers so any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  2. You are right - 5 weeks is too young.

    Just ask the breeder to keep the puppy for 7 more weeks. If he need $ for vaccines, etc, then pay for them.

    A breeder who would release a puppy after 5 weeks may not be reliable. Make him sign a contract saying he will refund your money if the dog dies within 4 months due to causes not related to an accident.

    If he balks, you are dealing with scum. Run before you become attached to the baby.

    The most reliable, reputable breeders are the Show Dog ones. I personally think the whole Show thing is ridiculous. But those breeders create the healthiest dogs. I purchased my beloved pug 14 years ago from a top Show breeder and paid big bucks.

    My friends paid less but paid more in vet bills in the first 2 years. Their pugs died many years before mine did. I think I did the right thing in paying high $ for a "show" dog.

    I will do the same next year when I get another pug to love.
  3. I have heard that 7 weeks is the youngest age you can take a puppy as long as they are weened of of the mother.
  4. I'm not too sure about laws in your state, but here in Ca. pets have to be no less than 9wks old. At least this is what I understood. I breed Pom-Chi's and that's when they get to go.
    Boxer's are obviously bigger and so the pup will SEEM older than what he actually is, nontheless, 9 wks is good. Pups need the socialization skills that they get from their parents. Be sure to look up the breed, you don't want to end up having to give this dog up because of lack of knowledge on the dog's needs as a breed.
    I know that Boxer's like to have some kind of daily exercise, so be prepared for walks, etc....

  5. Boxers are very good dogs... loyal etc but they can also be stubborn so training them well and early is the best thing for them... and ditto on what everyone else has been saying about waiting longer to take him home.
  6. 12 weeks is best for puppies, any earlier and the pups can miss out on certain skills and socialization. if i were you i would do more research before buying a dog and find a good breeder. most good breeders would not let puppies go until after 12 wks. did the breeder do health tests? you wouldn't want to buy a dog that is coming with health problems.

    vimadez73 - please say you breed pomeranians and chihuahuas, not a designer dog/mutt :sad:
  7. Is the breeder selling the puppies at 5 weeks old???? Way too young, just like everyone is saying. The puppies are probably as cute as can be, but is this a reputable breeder?

    Do some research on the breed. Are you prepared for a high energy dog who is stubborn and takes patience to train? They are loving, loyal, playful and need lots of exercise. They have a life span of 10-12 years, usually.

    Good luck.