Boxer Lover Thread!!! Post pics of your butt-wiggling Boxer!

  1. Decided to start a Boxer Lover thread like the Yorkie one! I'll start by posting pictures of my little Bindi!

    Bindi in her little PJs (which are tooo small and she doesn't look happy) but she likes her tweed coat! This is the closest picture I have of her smiling (which she does only when she gets a belly rub). A nice close up of her bindi and her usually spot on our bed. She looks quite conformable. :love:
    Bindii 004.jpg Bindii 012.jpg Bindii 016.jpg Bindi.jpg Bindii 002.jpg
  2. shes SOOOOOOOO cute!!! i love all of her outfits. shes a well dressed lady! :tender:
  3. the doggy is so sweet..:heart:
  4. Awwwwww cuteness overload! Her pj pic cracks me up!

    She is DARLING!!!

    I know I haven't kept total infatuation with my Big Baby Boy exactly secret! haha But I'm happy to share MORE! :p
    DukeCrimmas1.jpg dukewoosnow2.jpg wehowl.jpg 012 Woo Duke.jpg
  6. Thanks everyone! She's a cutie patutie! (Did I spell that right?)

    Where's your pictures Voodoo? And Boxermom too!? I wanna see pictures of your boxers on here too!! :yahoo:

    I can't get enough!
  7. Oh you want more! OKAY

    Well here's the before and after pic of our baby when we rescued him starving poor baby....


    And another pic of him getting love:

  8. Wow!! You did an amazing thing!! He looks gorgerous and his coat is sooo nice! I love that droopy Boxer face! :heart:

  9. If I could get my hands around the neck of the person that failed him that badly was very sad...the first week we had him he'd grab a mouthful of food from his bowl and run off to eat it may be taken away from him. I couldn't watch him eat like that it made me cry. (Of course now he eats normally and sits like a gentleman waiting for you to put his bowl down...hehe but no one's takin his stuff away!)
  10. Did you get him from a Boxer rescue? How old was he when you got him? We're looking for another dog to keep her company and might get another Boxer.
  11. Actually, we have a vet who lives a few houses down from us. He knew were were looking for a dog for our daughter and our short list was Rottie, Boxer, or Lab. And it JUST SO HAPPENED that two days before our daughter's birthday Duke was brought in by the previous owner who said he was worried that "he was to thin" (wtf are you kidding me?) and he left him for shots and a check up and left a bad phone #. So my DH went and saw him and called me and said other than being thin he had the sweetest look in his eyes. So we paid the bill and tied a bow around his neck and brought him home.

    I was not prepared for how head over heels I was going to be for him tho....I'm rotten for Boxers! haha
  12. Aww Voodoo i'm so glad Duke found a loving home with your family!! it's simple amazing people could treat animals like that...and you can just tell he's a sweetie.

    Bagsrmylife, that first photo...honestly!! lol it's so cute. Bindi's face is priceless, the pajamas are adorable!! snug as a bug! haha
  13. Wow! Duke was really meant for you guys then. I can't stand it when people just leave a dog like it was an object. It drives me crazy! :cursing:

    Once we saw a man walking his gorgerous fawn boxer while we were driving and we asked where did he get him from and he said that his old owner just gave him away. I thought it was amazing to get such a gorgeous dog like that on your doorstep.

    You got really lucky and Duke is so lucky to have you and your family! You guys were meant to be!
  14. Always had a soft spot for Boxers.

    Is it true that it is now illegal to dock their tales? (Maybe UK only?). Just can't imagine a Boxer with a tail :smile:
  15. I haven't heard anything about that in the U.S.....but I've seen a boxer w/ a regular tail and they are LONG whip-like tails!

    I do know that the official AKC judging standards finally allows for non-cropped ears. I love Duke's ears...they are so soft. I'd be sad if they were cropped.