1. I know that this has been discussed several times, but I wanted to bump it back to the top, since I don't get to post as much as I want to.

    I got the opportunity to place a request for another SO, and I had totally dismissed boxcalf because I was so worried about the scratch-resistance factor. However, looking at the leather book, I really liked it. Plus, I don't have any boxcalf bags yet, so I'm thinking it'd be great to have a variety. I can't say I'm totally careful about my bags because I work and travel so much I don't have time to think about it (and I like to think of my Birkins as everyday bags I can take anywhere). My SA warns me that if I'm used to clemence, it may be difficult to get used to box. However, I like the look of it, but I don't want to save it for special occasions only.

    Anyone have a box handbag that they use often? After 6 months or a year, how does it look to you? Do you worry about it more than clemence or togo bags (if you have both kinds)?
  2. I love box, but I definitely worry about it more, and it takes a long time to break it in and get the patina. That said, I would recommend it. It will hold its shape over the years much better than Togo or Clemence
  3. Anyone have a box handbag that they use often? After 6 months or a year, how does it look to you? Do you worry about it more than clemence or togo bags (if you have both kinds)?

    The one person I know who uses her box calf HAC daily or very frequently is gigi leung (where is she, by the way? I miss her so much). She is very ladylike and gentle kind of girl, so I don't see how she could possibly have issues using a delicate leather like box calf. I, on the other hand, can be rather clumsy, so I use box calf only on carefree days.

    I think if you refer to the pictures of vintage box calf bags (refer to shopmom), you will be convinced this is one leather that ages well, and looks better and better over time.

    Do I worry about it more than clemence/togo?
    Most definitely. But do I also love box calf more? Most definitely.:love:
  4. Box Calf? Did someone say Box Calf? Box is a fantastic leather doesn't like to be in the rain and you do have to be a bit careful with it but once you get that first little scratch on it, you'll relax. It is sturdy, it refurbishes beautifully (it likes to go to the spa yearly) and it does get a fabulous patina over time. I've actually got caught in the rain the other day and nothing bad happened......just wipe it dry with a soft cloth.

    I find it to be a beautiful leather and a nice addition to a collection which has mostly those softer leathers. A beautiful Box Birkin can take you from day to night without blinking an eye. I love you can see from my avatar.....and I haven't even added my new baby yet!
  5. Many years ago I used my Kelly daily, but I have to be honest... I still was cautious of her. I never abused her. She shows small signs of wear, but not a great deal. I guess I did baby her, so I am not the best one to help you here. Nearly 15 years later, she still looks amazing!
  6. My box Kelly is 21 years old. No dryness/cracking. Here is a photo so you see what it looks like 20-some odd years down the road. BTW, this was before I sent her into the "spa" - she hasn't come back yet...

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  7. I'm more aware of box calf the sense of trying not to knock them around or scratching the leather.....but, at some point, I feel a person should relax and enjoy her pieces while attempting to take as good care of them as she can.
  8. Box calf is THE Hermes leather and for good reason! Ahhh.... the patina, the classic lines, the sturdiness...the timelessness! It's just fantastic and you should definitely get a box something!
  9. I love my box calf Bolide so much. I use her all the time...rain, snow, wind, the mall, school, etc.!! I need to send her to the spa soon because the corners are showing use.
  10. In my opinion it is THE hermes classic, and only looks better with time and wear!
  11. Thanks so much! It is a beautiful bag. So hard to believe it's 21!
  12. Thanks, everyone! I think I'm sold! I'll have to tell my SA I've changed my mind, but she won't mind at all because she loves box, too! And shopmom, I agree...since I've got no box bags yet, it's about time!