Boxcalf Birkin..or togo?

  1. Great to be a part of this, I love all bags but Hermes are my favorite, am saving for a birkin, would love any advice on eBay buying.

    My question for the group is this. I have a boxcalf vintage Kelly in black rigide 32cm. I also have a havana constance in box. It is a nice leather but I wonder if box will stand up to normal use. I would actually be using this birkin. Would I be better with togo? Please give some opinion. I really like the Rouge H as that is a classic colour. Anyone have any thoughts or pearls of wisdom?
  2. Box and Togo Birkins are totally different animals.
    For a daily, casual, go-everywhere Birkin, I'd recommend Togo.
    Box in Birkins is awesome, though and it will be more rigide, keep its shape better but it shouldn't be used in rain. Also can scratch easier, but you know that from your Kelly.
    Box is dressier than Togo.
    The one good thing about Box is that it "takes" to refurbishing at Hermes better than any other leather. It's the kind of bag that can grow old with you. :smile:
    I know, I wasn't much help!
  3. What is the life expectancy of togo? I won't be abusing it but it would go on airplanes and be lugged around town. I want something that will last until I am in the old folks home. I appreciate your feedback.
  4. BOth leather will do that, Birkincurious. I have both a Togo and a Box Birkin and almost use them equally. The Box leather lends itself to more dressy ocassions while the Togo is definately casual. If you can only get ONE Birkin for a long, long time and based on what you already have in your collection....I would recommend Togo. This way you have a workhorse bag (Birkin) and for those dressier ocassions you can pull out your Black Box Kelly.
  5. ^ I agree with SM. Since you have 2 boxcalf bags, I'd try Togo for the Birkin. It's great in Rouge H
  6. OMG....Rouge H in Togo is definately mouth-watering. Check out OZZYSMOM's thread......and GT has the most gorgeous Rouge H Trim!!!!
  7. You will need one of each (atleast).
  8. ^^ Yes, I second Rose. (very very bad for the pockets)
  9. ^ Likely first togo or clemence...then box or chevre...
  10. I am totally agree with SM and other girls here.
    Considering you already have a box kelly, the best choice for everyday wouldl be Togo. If you are traveling or carry it around the city, it's so easy to bump into all kind of things - specially with Birkin 35 - so Togo will be perfect.
    This way you will have it all - casual Birkin and more formal Kelly.

  11. ^^ Ditto, Elena has phrased it to a T :smile: