Box vs. Twiggy

  1. Does anyone know where i can find pics of a Box bag next to a Twiggy? I just wanted to get a better "feel" of the size of the Box. I've seen a Twiggy and I'm actually really liking the look. I know there have to be pics on tPF, but I've looked and I must be looking in the wrong place. lol.

    Thanks guys!
  2. this is from Deanas collection... I hope she dont mind me posting this.... :sweatdrop:
  3. Ali... thank you! That is perfect! Do you know how much bigger the Metalasse is??
  4. ^^^ you're welcome! hmm... sorry I'm not an expert on the metalasse... but from pics I've seen depending on which size I think it might be more square and inbetween the box and twiggy??? maybe metalasse owners can chime in and help sandy? anyone?
  5. Sandy...from what I remember when playing with the Matelasse and Twiggys at NM, the twiggy is wider than the Matelasse and the Matelasse is a tad wider than the box. There wasn't a box at NM, but I can just tell from remember the way they felt under my arm. The Matelasse is definitely wider and taller than the box. So definitely bigger than the box. I think that the Matelasse can fit as much if not more than my city. The box is suprisingly expandable, but it's definitely a smaller purse.

    I would say in terms of capacity, it would go first, box, then a tie between twiggy/city, then matelasse. But I could be very wrong...this is just from memory from store shopping. Maybe an expert who owns/has owned all these can chime in.
  6. Michelle.. thanks! I'm just being curious. Thinking about "venturing" out of Days and Part Times. LOL