Box v. Twiggy? (same thing?)

  1. I'm very very new to Balenciaga (I'm more of an LV girl) and have a silly Q. Are the box and twiggy two names for the same bag, or are they different? Are they both still made? Do they both come in French Blue?

    I've heard that b-bags are non-returnable - is this true for the Bal boutique only or all Bal retailers? I've never actually seen one in person, so I'm afraid to drop $1100 on a bag I havent held, touched, etc.

    I'm really liking the French Blue color, but I'm also a little weary on price. Is it hard to find a used (but still in good condition) b-bag for less, or do they all hover around retail?
  2. They are different!

    The Twiggy is bigger with more roundish ends and the box is smaller, and is shaped like a... box...

    See the link below. This has all of the Balenciaga stlyes, including measurements too!

    atelier.naff: Balenciaga motorcycle style reference
  3. theyre two different bags, but look very similar. the box is not as wide as the twiggy.

    sadly, balenciaga discontinued the box size last season, so french blue only comes in the twiggy size, but im sure a french blue twiggy would look beautiful!

    as far as i know, only the balenciaga boutique has the no money back policy. you can try Barneys, nm, etc

    As far as used bags, it really varies. the pre-2006 bags all usually go for more than retail because those seasons had the best leather and colors, but there were some stunning blues released in 2006 that you can probably find used for less than retail, and possibly in the box style too!

    go for it!
  4. hi blue-green! the box and the twiggy are 2 different styles. the twiggy is more east-west type of bag and roomy, and the box is shorter w/ squared off corners and fits more than the classique.

    bal boutique is store credit or exchange only (i forgot the time period). most bal retailers offer exchange/refund.

    french blue is an awesome color, but it won't be available in the box as this style has been discontinued. a french blue twiggy would be gorgeous. it's possible to find this color on eBay, but french blue is one of the newly released colors for s/s 2007.

    for comparision...
    here's my greige twiggy:

    here's a rouge 05 box i use to have:
  5. OMG, a French Blue Twiggy would be GORGEOUS!!!!!!!
  6. personally i like the twiggy better because the bag looks small but can fit a lot...makes it perfect for night or day
  7. Odd...i reallly really love ur twiggy...i have been searching for Greige in twiggy/box/purse...and i got No answer from many saddd
  8. i saw French Blue Twiggy in TH Bal shop. The leather is matt and has no vein at it the same everywhere? Compared to vermillion twiggy, leather is so gorgeous with lots of veins...
  9. Odd...ur twiggy is gorgeous :smile: