Box Style 2004 or 2005 where to find?

  1. Hello, Ladies a couple questions on a Balenciaga Box style.
    Do they really look like a box shaped form. (Any pics would be great)!
    Sister is wanting a Black or dark Brown 2004 or 2005.
    Do they have alot of room inside even though they are more of a compact size?
    This would be her first BBag and I want to make sure she is happy. :smile: I would really appreciate any help from the team here. :idea: Thanks for all the effort and time in helping me help her.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
  2. I don't have the Box but I heard it's about the same size as the First but just wider in size so you get more room. I seen some PF members carrying a Box and it looks like a First from the front. It doesn't look like a Box unless you stuff it really full. You might want to run a search on PF to find pictures of the ladies carrying the Box.
  3. hmm... i think the box is a relatively new shape (not sure when it appeared though)

    you should definetly be able to find a black one though. I dont think the box was made in 04 at all yet. I'm pretty sure you should be able to find a chocolate box from fall 05.
  4. this style has really grown on me. i must admit i really didn't care for it when it first came out (05). but i saw a friend carrying it... it really was cute. they are very roomy because they are wide... like a shorter twiggy. try calling all the bale stores and aloharag. they may still have some... since this style hasn't really been as popular. last week, aloharag had ink, rouille, cornflower, and emerald if you're interested in any of the 06. good luck!
  5. here's a pic of the magenta box.
    personally, i prefer them in bright bold colors.
  6. The box shape is definitely roomier than the first. I can put quite a bit in my box. I think it's a pretty good size. Not too big or too small. The handle drop is just big enough for me to carry it on my shoulder, but I have small arms.
  7. The box is my favorite style...I have it in cornflower. It didn't come out until Fall 2005. I think cultstatus does still have chocolate brown in stock.
  8. Neimans in New Jersey had them a few weeks ago. They look great.
  9. I'm getting a Box in Rouille shipped from AlohaRag this week, probably receive it Wednesday. will post pictures of it and with my Ink City to show size difference.
  10. redney, congrats to you! enjoy!