Box owners....cadena or no cadena?

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  1. Do you keep the lock hanging off the clochette/tirette? And if you do, is there any danger of it scratching up the front and creating the dreaded "smiley?"
  2. Hi T!!!!! I keep the lock at the handle on my Kelly's so there's minimal movement thus very, very little "smiley" action.....although on my Marron Kelly from the late 50's you can see a small smiley but that's only because the bag is so dang OLD! LOL!

    I hang a heart cadena from the clochette on my Rouge H Birkin and so far, no smiley.

    I think if you hang the cadena at the handle hardware, you should be just fine.........
  3. I don't hang my H bag's lock... I keep them inside...
    Yes I heard about the smiley mark...
  4. Hi D! I never thought about hanging it near the loop on the handle. The heart cadena is a great idea as it's pretty curved and flat; I noticed that the actual H-lock the bag came with has some pretty angular corners which may not be very box friendly.

    Thanks lux for sharing what you do. I finally ventured out of the house with my black box yesterday and then started wondering what to do about the lock.
  5. I've got the heart cadena hanging from the chlochette of my Rouge H HAC, and there's no danger of it scratching the bag. IMO, this cadena is particularly well-suited for use with Box Calf because it's rounded.
  6. For my box kelly, I hang the lock on the handle ring. So far so good, no smiley face. :flowers:
  7. I used to keep my locks on the handle rings of my Kellys, but eventually I did get "smileys", so now I don't put locks on any of my bags.....
  8. I have had my lock hanging 15 years from the handle loop and no markings...don't worry Orchids!
  9. Thanks for the info everyone. Cadena will be taken off the clochette for now and either placed on the handle loop or swapped out with the heart.
  10. I hang the lock from the handle loop and so far no smiley. I am not really worried though.
  11. Great thread. This is really helpful (for my hypothetical black box Kelly!). :smile:
  12. I don't wear cadenas on my box bags.
  13. No cadena or lock, just the clochette.
  14. Well mine is attached to the handle metal loop. Whenever I take Kellys to the spa I put the locks inside the bag but they always come back on that spot so I just finally gave up and left it there.
  15. my swift birkins have the smileys..............after very little use