BOX outing

  1. My sis came over to my place yesterday and after that we proceeded for a bout of high tea and shopping. We were both carrying our choc box birkins.. and I took a quick snapshot but didnt have time to post yesterday... Anyway, here are the box twins...

  2. Absolutely gorgeous --- I am truly drooling now . . . .
  3. I love box twins....beautiful!
  4. wow!!!!! both beautiful stunning sleek gorgy birkins!
  5. YUMMY...what a great picture, and two beautiful bags~!
  6. wonderful...i love box.
  7. OMG!!! You and ur sister AND PBC and I are box quadruplets!!! I have the reg. choc box birkin and she has the choc box w/ potiron piping!
  8. beeyutiful archangel!
  9. mmmm....chocolate.....
  10. What a beautiful picture! Thank you!
  11. GORGEOUS bags... yummie!!!
  12. love choc. box!!!
  13. Beautiful!!!
  14. I love to see your pictures all the time, archangel. And I so love CHOCOLATE BOX! :drool:
  15. Yummmmmyy...