Box or Togo for a 35cm Black Birkin?

  1. I've been carrying a 35cm Black Togo Birkin, in rotation with other bags, for the past couple of years and am thinking of replacing it with a Box Birkin. I've got a couple of other Togo Birkins -- 30cm Black and 35cm Gold -- that I can reach for in inclement weather.

    Why would I replace the 35cm Togo Birkin? Because Box is a more elegant, classic and dressy look, and the black is a darker black than the Togo Black.

    I'd like to hear the pros and cons of Togo and Box Birkins. I'm wondering how the edges and corners of a Box Birkin would fare with use as a work bag, and whether annual spa treatments would be enough to keep it in good shape. Should I just hang onto my 35cm Togo or make the leap into a dressier Birkin?

    If anyone is thinking of suggesting that I get the Box Birkin and hang onto the Togo Birkin, too, that's not an option. I've already got a big surprise coming next week, and simply cannot add yet another bag to my collection. It would have to be the Box or the Togo Birkin.
  2. I think black box goes better with a classy looking kelly than a birkin. However, if you must have a black box birkin, why not exchange it with the 30 black togo birkin? I think the black togo combination goes well (in both apperance and functionality) with a more casual looking size of 35 than 30.
  3. I own both black togo and box. If I had to choose, box would be the clear winner!! I tend to pamper all of my H no difference there. I do, however, always carry rain protection when carrying box. It is, in my opinion, the most elegant of the non-exotic skins.
  4. Is it because she would no longer have a 30cm bag for tough weather option then? This is a quandary indeed!

    MillStream, since you already have another 35cm togo (gold), I would say go ahead with your feeling and replace the 35 black. Why box in a 35cm thou? Why not 30cm box?
  5. Yes, replace it with the black box... so classy&beautiful :smile: as you already have other togo birkins. My box bags all look good, but I don't have them long enough, I think an annual spa will take care of everything :smile:
  6. I forgot to mention that I carry one of my 35cm box calf birkins almost every day and never feel overly dressed for the office or elsewhere. With regard to care, approximately every two years into H for cleaning/conditioning.
  7. Ok, there's another complication here. I wear the 30cm Togo Birkin for running around. I carry it when don't need to carry the kitchen sink and want to have a much lighter bag with me. For dress, I've got a 32cm Black Porosus Croc Kelly. If I give up the 30cm Black Togo Birkin I won't have a small, easy to carry Hermes bag.

    Now, what to do?
  8. I like box for Kelly bags-I carry mine for dress-and I love togo for my everyday birkin cause it wears so well!
  9. Can you replace the 35 togo for the box, that way you still have the black 30 cm ?
  10. Yes, make the leap! Box is much prettier than togo. If you want to keep the 30 black togo, then replace the 35 black togo.
  11. Absolutely, H! I'm interested in a 35cm Box instead of my 35cm Togo, and I'd still have the 30cm Togo. OMG, I'm getting whiplash trying to figure out which way to go on this!
  12. bagmom, this is exactly why I'm in a dither about this. The Togo for an every day Birkin is a wonderful choice because it does wear so well. I also see them coming and going where I live (and, yes, they're real). I'm thinking that a 35cm Box Birkin would stand out in the crowd. I'm wondering if I should just bite the bullet and have both Togo and Box 35cm Black Birkins. I know, I know, I said that's not an option -- and it really shouldn't be . . .
  13. :graucho:
  14. BOX, Millstream!!!!! BOX calf gets my vote every time!!!!!!
  15. Yes Millstream...Box is wonderful. As you know I have a Black Box Bolide that I adore very much and has gotten lots of use over the last seven years of ownership during the winter months of snow, rain and, yes, ice.
    It is still very elegant, classy and has developed a beautiful patina. When it does get wet I just wipe it off when I get back into the car or wherever I'm going. I send my Box Bolide to the spa about every one to two are some pictures I just took of it since the last spa treatment over a month ago and I love it even more.
    SSCN0687.JPG SSCN0688.JPG SSCN0689.JPG