Box or Spozzolato for Classic bag?

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  1. I'm torn between petrol blue in box leather and glacier spozzolato for the medium classic bag. Is there anyone who own both or one of them that can give this indecisive person a bit of advice?? XD
  2. Can't comment on spazzolato since my bag's in the box leather, but I have a medium classic bag in box leather and the leather is absolutely gorgeous! Personally I think box leather looks much better than spazzolato in person, especially on a simple bag like the classic and it makes the bag look much more refined and classy to me! box leather is a little finicky though and a lot of people have said that theirs get scratched, but if you're a person who kind of babies their bags and is decently careful with them you should be fine! I'm the most clumsy person I know and have scratched my bag on a dozen things(even my house keys yikes) in the year I've had it despite being careful with it, and the outside somehow still remains flawless! light scratches can be buffed out with a little bit of water :smile:
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  3. do you have a photo of your bag so I can see the scratches? I love this bag and want to buy it in the smooth box leather but I am also very clumsy
  4. IMG_0216.jpg IMG_0217.jpg IMG_0219.jpg
    these are the three scratches I wasn't able to completely buff out , but honestly they're only noticeable when you look reeeeally closely at a certain angle to the light! the one on the bottom left of the front of the bag was scratched with a house key but looks a lot better now than it did immediately post-scratch after a lot of tlc haha

    that being said this bag definitely isnt an indestructible one you can throw around on the ground have have kids and pets around! but i'm still able to use it as an everyday bag for errands and outings so as long as you take care of it I think you'll be fine! that being said mine was bought from new celine not old celine so I'm not sure if they might have done something different with the box leather(it looks the same to me at least when I compared with my cousin's classic box from old celine) and i've seen a lot of secondhand boxes that do have a lot of scratches but honestly, with the box leather i don't think the scratches are particularly noticeable even if you have a couple of them...they're kind of noticeable if you don't do anything at all to the scratches but if you buff them out enough they kind of just look like leather texture to me
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  5. Thank you SO much for the photos! I can hardly see the scratches - it’s encouraging to hear that you’ve used it as an everyday bag. I don’t typically baby my bags but I try to be careful so I think this would work well for me. Thanks again for the details and the photos!