box or no box?

  1. Maybe some of you can help me on this....:confused1:

    When I purchased my MC Audra less than 2 months ago, it came in a sort of paper envelope- style container. When I asked for a box, the SA said they didn't have any for that bag -- really? I bought at Holt Renfrew in Calgary, Alberta.

    I plan on purchasing my 2nd bag soon and want the box for storage. Maybe I should just buy from elux? I hear they package their LVs in the proper boxes.

  2. When I got both my Alma and Manhattan, neither came with a box...they were lovingly wrapped in tissue paper and placed in the dustcover and then the LV shopping bag.

    I assumed only accessories were boxed.
  3. Elux does ship in the LV box as long as you don't check the "gift box" column. There are some mixed reports on if you will get an LV box or an elux box if you check that. Now, I am sure you have heard this on this board, but you are really not supose to store the bags in the boxes, they need more air than that, and you don't want a moldy bag. :flowers:
  4. The only time I have ever gotten a box was when I purchased mt Compact Zippe...never have gotten a box with a handbag.
  5. I always check the gift box column and I always receive an LV box. I have purchased many LV items from Elux (just received 2 bags the other day), and not once did I not get the LV box.
  6. I second what shopping addict said. I too always get LV boxes whenever I check gift box for my LV items. I believe the only time you get eLUX gift boxes is when they are not LV items.
  7. Thanks for the reply all! Thanks for the advice Steph. I have the dust bag, but i thought it was suppose to be stored in the box as well as the dust bag. No mold for my baby!
  8. if you're in canada you cant order from elux they dont ship here :sad:
  9. when I bought my black audra I received a box. the boutiques has boxes for everything even the keepall.
  10. Hi!:smile:

    If you want a box,you have to ask a <<gift wrapping>> to your sales assistant.We ONLY give a box if the customer ask us.
    Otherwise,we put the item in a dustbag and we put it in the paper bag.

    For small leather goods,its supposed to be in a small box(even its not for a gift)because when we receive the delivery,it´s already in these boxes.

    But I know only for Europe,I don´t know exactly how is the system in other countries.

    See you:flowers:
  11. I just bought a BH from the store and I only got the dustbag and the paper bag but no box!! (and eluxury doesn't ship to Canada - which is lame!!)
  12. i didn't hve box for my was placed in its dust bag, then in an envelope looking LV paper then in the LV paper bag. But i ask for a box from a store i just showed my receipt.
  13. I have never asked for a box but, have always been given one for all my purchases. Big or small. :confused1:
  14. Oh,maybe in USA it&#180;s not the same system!
  15. Yah, maybe! : )