Box Now or Lizard Later?

  1. I have been wanting to add a small evening bag or clutch to my collection for some time and I have the opportunity to purchase a blk box GH JPG Kelly pochette.

    BUT.... I had always planned that this little bag would be my first foray into exotics somewhere down the line.

    So do I box now or do I wait (for a very long time) for an exotic?:shrugs:

    DH says buy the box and worry about the exotic later :love:

    I'd be grateful for your thoughts.
  2. I would grap the JPG Kelly in Box now! Oh! And it is with gold hardware!
  3. well the question is do you love it? if so, then get it. if not, then wait for a bag that you really love & not cause you to hesitate.
  4. Grab the Box now.....I've only ever seen the JPG Kelly in Evergrain or exotics! But I'd love one in Box calf!!!! I agree with your DH!!!!
  5. If DH supports getting both....get later!!!

    Never hesitate when a DH says "Get the bag...":yes: :p :graucho:
  6. ITA
  7. Yes, take the box. It's classic...and a box in the hand....
  8. I keep hearing of lizard jpg kelly clutches in sf and boston all the time. buy the black box (which is gorgeous) unless you need to save up for the lizard is my vote!
  9. I am with QM on this! :graucho:
  10. And get the lizard later. I've seen the most gorgeous violet lizard--tdf.
  11. LMAO! Well, I'm sure you'll have no trouble off-loading a box jpg when the lizard comes along...
  12. ^^ Absolutely! :smile:
  13. box now....exotic later....

    never saw box in JPG kelly clutch. better grab it!
  14. Box now!!! :yahoo:
  15. OK OK OK - I see a theme.

    The bag is being shipped from another store but provided it is as beautiful as I think it's going to be I'll make that baby mine!!!

    DH wants to take DD to buy it together and make it my Mothers Day gift.... so who I am to argue :rolleyes: