Box may be unobtainable in 2007?

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  1. I have been told by the store manager here and also by a handbag SA in the mothership in Paris 2 weeks ago, that supplies of Box are VERY limited, that bags in Box may not be produced exept by SO in 2007. Something about the company that has always made the Box for Hermes not producing... they dont really know. Hope this isnt true, has anyone else heard that? I love Box. I hope it isnt what happened to Gulliver!

    A small piece of Hermes trivia is that the reason Hermes discontinued Gulliver was because the man who owned the tannery that produced the skins, a Mr. Gulliver, died, and the family couldnt continue making the leather. Thanks to Claude in NY for that info, he told me when I was asking about my Gulliver Birkin. He said he was very sad too, it was his favorite leather!
  2. I too love Gulliver and Box. You are very fortunate to have a Gulliver Birkin. I know you must treasure it. Many people are hesitant to get a Birkin in Box due to scratches, but it holds its shape so beautifully and ages so well. And now it will become a rarity like Gulliver and Barenia.
  3. Bababebi,
    I have the same Kelly, 35cm Rouge H Buffalo and crinolin. I got the canvas strap shortened to 28 inches (71 cm). I love the bag. The buffalo is striking in rouge H, IMHO.
  4. Golconda, That's amazing we are twins, I adore this bag, of all the Hermes bags I have, which embarassingly, is a lot, I love this one the best. And I think it is pretty rare in the Kelly, there are a few Birkins I have heard about but I never heard of another Kelly! And the canvas strap is cool with it. Interesting about the strap, can you still wear it across your body shortened?
  5. I agree, this may be the prettiest Hermes bag I have ever seen, to me anyway. I have seen it in a Birkin also and like the Kelly much better. The Birkin does not hold its shape quite as well, as the Buffalo is soft. The short canvas strap holds the bag just a little lower than underarm. I cannot wear the bag across my chest, as strap is quite short. I like the shortened shoulder strap and some times knot a leather Kelly strap for the shorter look.

    For a crinolin Birkin, I think Barenia works better than Buffalo
  6. I SO a 35 retourné box chocolat Kelly G/H and the order was accepted at the July Podium, so I should get it next Spring...But I do hope that Box won't be discontinued as it's my favourite H leather, and I would like a Birkin in it aswell....
  7. Great information about Gulliver--thanks for sharing. I really hope they don't discontinue Box--after seeing all the beautiful bags in Box here, I would love to add one to my collection.:love:
  8. Thanks for sharing the information about Gulliver, it's very interesting!!

    And I'm so stupid, I read "Botox may be unobtainable in 2007"... Too much "Nip/Tuck" for this one, lol

  9. LMAO ! You crack me up :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Anyway, I do love box leather, and I haven't gotten mine yet !! Oh please don't be discontinued !!!
  10. What a RIOT. I read words wrong all the time and get a great laught out of it. Some of us need the Botox, more than the Box leather.
  11. NO, NO, NO! Say it ain't so! It's one of my favorite leathers!
  12. I've been hearing these rumors for the last year. I'm sad to hear this. I better SO box from here on now.
  13. I don't know WHICH news would be worse!:nuts: ;) :lol:
  14. Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Oh I really hope not, I love that leather... box to me is THE hermes leather, as much as I like swift, in my mind it is not a acceptable replacement.