Box Leather??

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  1. I know there are lots of members who adore box leather, but before I invest in a Black Box Birkin, I would like to hear from those who tried box and did not "fall in love"! I am wanting to prevent an expensive mistake.

    If you tried box leather and it just did not work for you, please share your story and your reasons.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Here's my answer I have a vintage box kelly that I love I love it mostly because my grandmother gave it to me so you can imagine how much this bag means to me,but if it had been me because of how much I baby my bags I could never purchase new box, you see my first birkin was black swift I love the way it looks but I love the way my fjord has not changed even more, it looks as if I got it yesterday. or how my togos and ostrich bags stand the test of time , grandma who now owns Togo has said that if had been available back then for her she would have never purchased box .............but it is beautiful you know the look can not be rivaled in terms of sheen and just plain artistry it's very very elegant and unique .hope it helps darling.birkel.
  3. I have lots of box. Love it. much hardier than textured leathers (the corners get worn off and they are gone for good). scratches are easily polished out and its easier to refurbish.
  4. I had a Box Birkin and sold it because it was just to structured for my taste. I prefer Clemence or Togo .... Less maintenance, too.
  5. I have box too (though not in a Birkin) and I love it, never mind the maintenance etc (it can do more than scratch, I've dented mine :shame:smile:. I think you must also consider if box is in keeping with your style.

    It holds it's structure - therefore looks more formal, even business-like.

    It's shiny - therefore looks more formal and 'done-up'

    It will scratch - and while you are waiting for more scratches to make up the patina you WILL be walking around with a scratched bag.
  6. I have two pieces in box. The first piece is a 35 Birkin with contrast stitching in dark green. It is gorgeous. Before I got it, it was spa'd and it had been owned by at least two other women. It was probably made in 2004 or so. I adore this bag because it is fairly soft (compared to my VL 30 Birkin, which will never soften up.) The sheer comfort of this 35 makes it one of my everyday go-to bags, even though the color isn't always a a great match, it's just so very soft and broken in. It is scratched; it does have a patina. Look, it's going to get scratched and scuffed. Walking around with a scratched bag is not the end of the world. That's a silly statement. Waiting for the first scratch may be a little traumatic.
    Then, there is the real miracle of my collection. A bag that I purchased in July. A 1971 (circle with an A in it) a black box sellier Kelly in incredibly dried out condition. She went to the spa and spent a couple of months there. A few weeks ago I got her back. Not as good as new, because the original owner or someone else was very careless and carved a scratch deep into the front of the bag into the leather so the white showed through. They were able to cover it, but I can still feel it, but look, it's a 39-40 year old handbag. She looks perfect, better than new, because it has such a history and personality. I am so happy to carry this bag. I have gotten so many oohs and ahs over this bag.
    When you choose a bag, you have to be comfortable with the leather. If you are going to make yourself crazy everytime you carry it, this material is not for you -- the same way some people don't like their bags to get all saggy. It's a huge investment. It shouldn't be a burden to worry about a bag. It will show in your face and you will never want to wear it and you will leave a treasure sitting (and drying out) in your closet.
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  7. I have quite a few boxcalf bags, and while it does scratch and patina over time, it's by far my favourite regular leather. Having said that, I have sent many of these bags tp FSH to spa, and let me tell you, the idea that H can get box looking almost like new again is a furphy. I'm really anally retentive (LOL) about my bags in general (although I'm all for bags that get used, and LOOK like they get used), but bumped boxcalf corners and things like deep scratches just can't be re-furbed.

    If you can live with that, it really is the most special leather. Just heavenly.
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  8. ^^ my experience is also that it does not refurb like new. That said, I love it, though I have to be careful because it rains a lot where I live.
  9. Ohhh, yeah. The rain is a bugger with box.
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    I was the OP on one of the poll threads that syma referenced above. I ultimately came to the conclusion that a black box birkin is nice theoretically. In actual use, however, I am with Kallie Girl on this. BBB seemed, at least to me, not a warm and fuzzy bag like togo, clemence or barenia.
  11. I have not fallen in love with box yet... it is a lovely leather, the patina over time is gorgeous, it is a quintessential H leather... but I am not in "absolutely love and must have it now or I'll die" love.

    I am just afraid of scratching it... I am not very careful about things like that!
  12. LOL!!! So true!:biggrin:
  13. Pardon me if I'm slow learner..what happen to the box leather if rainsdrops fall on it???Thanks.
  14. It blisters - but my SA says the blisters go away when it dries, so I don't know. I'm expecting a few Box bags shortly...