Box leather

  1. Does anyone know the REAL status with box leather? I see a bag here and there in Hermes (maybe a plume or something small or half box and half vibrato)............are they making things out of what they have lying around? I love the leather but when I ask the SAs they say the real reason they aren't making it is that no one wants it. Too easily scratched and high maintenance: that everyone wants clemence and togo. thoughts?
  2. There was a foot and mouth outbreak all through Europe last year
    The male calves that are despatched in the UK generally by huntsman

    Well in a word all livestock was made deadstock and burnt

    so that would explain the shortage to me
  3. Hermesaholic, all I can give you are thoughts as I do not know the status. I, too, have noticed the lack of larger pieces in beautiful box calf, but, find it difficult to believe that no one wants it.

    I was able to purchase a larger H piece this spring in lovely box.

    I feel that there are many of us who have a love of Box but, understand why a person, new to Hermes, would hesitate on purchasing this leather. Once you discover that Box is quite wearable it's easier to relax and enjoy it.
  4. Can't believe nobody wants it - it is the flagship leather for Hermes.
    I can believe the leather supply has dried up somewhat and the change in tanneries, etc would cause a hiccup for a season or two.
    It would be a good idea to log on to to see the Paris Catwalk show this Saturday ( 6th Oct) to see what the look of the Spring Summer season will be - if box is in there amongst teh accessories I doubt you'll be unable to find it down the shops.
  5. so here is what i was told
    box leather is in production just not orderable at the moment. that means all the bags that appear are bags sent out to the boutiques at the whim of paris headquarter. reason behind this - there is a shortage of suitable skins at the moment and hermès absolutely wanted to avoid the drama of adding up waiting list of so/po like they had with croc in the past. you maybe know that croc i very much a loayl client skin but due to the tremendous shortage of croc skins even the best clients had to wait but with paris still accepting orders for croc the list just added up to the sky with the result that they are still workin on orders from years and years back as so few skins where available that in conclusion lead to upset clients who had to wait really long or evn got their orders cancelled out of the blue . this same scenario is now going on with box but now h just said until we get our hand on a steady supply no orders accepted if some skins arrive that are fine we will make something out of it and just send it to the boutiques without notice but pleaso no sky high so po list again
    ah and the demand for box bags i largely geographically some markets do not like it as much as others (but the same could be said bout every leather with the exception of the "starters" togo and clemence )
  6. interesting-thanks everyone
  7. Thank you everyone for the interesting facts. No wonder, I am still waiting for my Box Birkin. Waiting and waiting ...

    My SA told me that I'm the only customer who is asking for Birkin and Kelly bags in Box leather while others are avoiding this leather like a plague.

    What can I say, I just love Box leather!
  8. That's why my H manager told me to order a croc birkin I would have to be prepared to wait 6 years!!
  9. I have been waiting for 5 years. No croc Birkin yet :sad: ...
  10. My understanding from my store is that there will in increased supply of Box Calf next season.
  11. ^^ Tis' a good news. I hope there will be a Rouge H or Black Box Birkin.

  12. Interesting news MrsS! I would love to purchase more box calf birkin, I just adore box calf leather!
  13. It was also told to me time and time again, that women today prefer the textured leathers on a whole. It doesn't mean there aren't num,erous women who want box calf, but many are demanding a textured leather.

    Those of you who are waiting for box birkins and long have you been waiting after your order was placed?
  14. I think there will be a big influx of box calf orders just because of the inavailability now. I'm one of those box calf lovers and hope this does happen soon.

    Now, if we can only say the same thing about barenia for bags....:girlsigh:
  15. I keep going back to this thread coz I'm just too excited in seeing the possibility of seeing more box calf bags in the future. This is only a dream of course, but I hope and hope that by the time I'm going to Paris next year I can manage to find a box calf birkin or chamonix. Fingers crossed!