Box leather for everyday

  1. I have a box birkin that I love! However, I find myself babying it. Does anyone use their box birkins for everyday? I would like some stories from the field about this to help me get over the fear of using this bag. I didn't pay so much for this bag to not use it! Do any of you city dwellers use a box birkin for everyday
  2. I don;t use my Box Birkin everyday. Especially in the rain. I consider it very "delicate" so I always think before taking it out.
  3. I have 2 Box Birkins, love them both and baby them. The day must be sunny. I use my VL Birkin or Trim otherwise.
  4. Hmm...this is making me rethink the type of leather I want my future birkin to be...

    What about swift? Does one have to baby swift?
  5. mrss? where are you??
  6. I don't take my Rouge H Box Birkin out as much as I do my Togo or Clemence. However, I DO use my Box KELLY a ton (except if the weather is wet out). Perhaps it's because of the strap which allows me to sling it on my shoulder when I need to.

    I think if I lived in a city I would be using it much more though......definately.
  7. Taken from Hermesgroupie's leather book:

    The quintessential Hermes leather. A veau, or calf leather, this leather has been around since Hermes has been making handbags. It is a smooth leather with a glossy finish that is susceptible to scratches. However, the scratches eventually blend into one glossy mirror-like patina, that box afficionados crave. Care must be taken with this leather when raining, if the raindrops are not wiped off, the leather will blister. Under the right care, box calf can last for generations.

    Says in the description it is susceptible to scratches and I heard this leather does very well at the H spa...true?
  8. Use that baby big time!

    I used my Kelly for 10 years pretty much daily and it looks primo! It has been on vacation for nearly 5 years while I have been making babies, but just recently I pulled it out again. If you could see it after 10 years of would say, "Oh my...I am using my box bag." It looks prefect.

    That box Kelly will be around long after I am gone!!!
  9. I love swift! It was raining when I woke up this morning so I chose my vermillon swift tohu bohu Garden Party tote. This is my wear-it-when-it-rains bag and I've never had a problem. The rain just wipes away. However, if it were pouring, I think I would leave all leather bags home....
  10. Please correct me if I am wrong, swift has most of the characteristics that box has right? I am looking for a leather with a slight shine, small or smooth grain, susceptible to scratches, does well at the H spa and looks good for many years to come...should I lean more towards swift or box?

    Sorry birkincurious for highjacking your was exactly the question I was going to post!
  11. Yes to all of the above except I don't think swift is too susceptible to scratches. My GPT and Berlingot are swift and I haven't scratched them yet (and I don't baby my bags at all). Is my experience the norm? Does anyone else find that swift scratches easily?
  12. I have a GPT in swift and use it roughly and havent scratched it so far
  13. I also don't find Swift to be as shiny as Box--at least, not box with patina, which is the only kind I personally own.

    I don't use my Box bags for everyday, but for me it's really because they're sort of collectors pieces instead of use-pieces (they are "antique" kellys). If I had a Box Birkin I think I would probably end up babying it for the first year and then use it heavily once it had a couple of scratches and a touch of patina. Except in the rain, of course.
  14. I own three 35cm box calf birkins...and I've been carrying one just about daily for the last 14 years. I'm very careful with them...and never allow the rain to touch them. In my opinion, box calf should be used and enjoyed to the fullest !!!
  15. Definitely no rain!!! Dressage Queen was caught in a downpour with her Sac Sellier and the poor bag looked like it came down with the chicken pox. Hopefully, the blisters flattened out since she wiped it down immediately.