Box leather for a clutch...?

  1. Hi, everyone!

    What do you guys think about box leather, especially for a clutch or even for a bag (like Kelly/ Birkin/ Bolide)?

    I am thinking about box clutch...Maybe in Jige or mini Kelly pouchette...etc. But Box leather is easily get scratched and it's not good in rain. So, should I avoid this leather, and consider others? But box leather looks so chic and stylish!:heart: Maybe I should consider more for if it's practical or not than the look?

    Please give me any inputs/thoughts on box leather:idea: ! Thanks!!!
  2. BOX leather is GORGEOUS for a clutch, Aspen. Gorgeous!!!! I'm a big fan of Box as you know......
  3. I have been drooling on shopmom's Kelly elan in chamonix (sp?):P :drool: . But it's discontnued/ hard to find leather...right? So, most similar leather might be a box leather....I am having a bad clutch craving now...Hmmmm....:hysteric:
  4. Oh, my GOD shopmom! We were writing at the same time! Isn't it chamonix or something? Is it box leather?:nuts: Is it difficult to take care of it?
  5. Hi, I have a box calf 30cm birkin and I love it. It's about 2 years old and it still looks new. The great thing about box calf is that it's suppose to look better with age and I have heard that when you have it polished it looks brand new. I still haven't had the need to have it polished yet. My friend has a 35cm box calf birkin that is 10 years old and it has a beautiful patina to it now. I am excited to have my birkin get the patina. I live in LA so I haven't had to deal with rain yet but I have spilled coffee on it and it didn't even leave a stain. I hope that helped. One bad thing is that it looks too dressy to use everyday. I only use it when I go out to eat at a nice resturant. I like my clemence leather for everyday use.:yes:
    Here is a picture of the two bags side by side.
  6. Thank you for photos, guys! They are so beautiful!
  7. It's Chamonix Aspen and she hasn't been a problem at all. You just have to be a little cautious with Chamoni and Box but if you're used to exotics, then this leather will be a breeze. :yes:
  8. It's amazing how ostrich and croc. are scratch resistance! They are like iron!:P :wlae: !
  9. everytime i see shopmom's kelly clutch..i get a heart attack.
    and i keep going back to look at it..:drool::drool::drool::heart::heart:
    Love Love LOVE:heart:
  10. ...omg...
    do i want a hermes?
    a hermes box clutch?
    bad aarti bad!
  11. Come on, Aarti.....come to the daaarrrkkk side.....:graucho:
  12. That clutch is TDF! Fabulous, I want one......

  13. WHAT A BEAUTY! Love it Shopmom! :drool: :love: :drool:
  14. What about matte croc?Yummy!!
  15. Aspen, not sure how often you'd use a Boxcalf clutch in the rain but it is such an understated and elegant leather for such a bag. I've posted this before and I'll post it again--my Kelly Elan in black Box w/ silver palladium HW (sorry for "hot spots" on hardware).