BOX leather bracelets

  1. I am thinking about purchasing a Box leather cuff. How do they hold up? Is water splashing from washing your hands an issue? This is the single thing that keeps me from buying - but they seem to be so plentiful that I wonder if they are super durable and I am just being crazy. I've retired my Box Kelly's since I have a teething baby (the thought of blisters freak me out!) - but would love to know if you guys think the bracelets are in a different wear category.

    Any comments would be greatly appreciated. :yes:
  2. You have described by concerns exactly! I admire the bracelets enormously, but I'm afraid of buying one. I think if you bought one, it would be only for dress up when the children were not with you.

    If I did get one, it would be in a dark color like rouge H, black or ebene. Barenia would just get too trashed.
  3. Yeah - I totally see that happening with Barenia. I had a Barenia watch once but just couldn't deal with the "chance" that something would happen to it. Sheesh even getting coffee can be a danger zone with leaky cups as they are handed to you in the drive thru!
  4. I have a black box bracelet but it has links in between the leather. The name of the style escapes me (beau- something) but I have had no problems with the leather as I wash my hands about 20 times a day and splash water on it (which I quickly wipe off).
  5. I love box leather bracelets! Box only gets better with age!
  6. Pepper, Is it the Beauveau? I have this one and CDC's and Double Tours in Box. They, are all holding up very drool, water splashes, etc... as long as you wipe it off quickly.
  7. I was concerned about this as well before I bought them, but I now have 3 cuffs: 1 Barenia and 2 Box - and have no issues with them. I try to be very careful washing my hands, but they inevitably get splashed with at least a spray of water and as long as you dab it right off, they seem to be fine.
  8. Yes, that's it--thanks, EMNH.
    Looks as good as new (plenty of water splashes later).
  9. Do you specifically remove it to bathe or sleep or is the leather something that can be left on?

    I keep seeing certain people with leather bracelets (like a signature look) piled on and can't fathom that they remove them each day and night for these activities.
  10. what about box belts, when it rains? I'm getting a belt and more often than not the black leather is box (which i adore) but I'm scared to death if I'm wearing it and it begins to rain, what to do?
  11. Gazoo I have the Rouge H Box "H" cuff and I LOVE it. Has just that touch of "edge" in a small dose that I can get away with. It's so comfortable and I wear it quite a bit. No problems with it so far but I do take it off if I'm doing the dishes or cooking.