Box Leather and Jeans....

  1. I've heard from friends that they'd never carry Box leather handbags when wearing jeans because Box is so formal and jeans are so casual....and this made me re-think my whole style and threw me into a twirl because of course I HAVE Box leather and I WEAR it with my jeans! Do you think they were trying to tell me something? Like, "Shopmom, what happened? You used to be so fashion savy and now look at you!?!?!"

    I tend to wear jeans a lot with either heels or mid-heel boots, jackets and T's. Sometimes I'll get really schmancy and put on a pair of black or chocolate trousers - rarely do I ever wear a dress and sometimes I'll wear a funky skirt with boots and sweater. Do you think a Box leather bag would look ok with these ensembles?

    I can't change where I live (super casual) and at almost 1/2 century I pretty much have my style down (finally! It only took 45 years!) so....???? :shame: :shame:
  2. As long as you love it- who cares! I think you could totally pull it off with jeans and the right outfit! Why not? It all comes down to attitude! Go for it and prove them all wrong~!
  3. lol - wear whatever you want!
  4. Wear it, if you know how to work it.
  5. Who cares what anyone thinks!
  6. You're so RIGHT, Kellybag! I can't believe I let a few ladies comments throw me into the fashion abyss - I have to remember that one was wearing a track suit and the other a pair of Baby Pfat jeans that really didn't fit (and that's being kind).....and let's not start on their taste in handbags because I could go on and on.

    Ok....thanks girls. Back to my jeans, t's, boots and Box!
  7. Keep rockin' those jeans, t's, boots and Box ;) Who cares what those other ladies say, you're style is exactly that, YOURS.
  8. I think box goes with almost anything especially nice jeans and a pretty top. My box kelly has white stitching and I think that makes it a little more forgiving JMO:biggrin:
  9. Shopmom...keep shopping and quit what you do best! more thing...Could it be they are jealous? Maybe some women may just know about your handbags where you are from and they are trying to bring you down!!! You think they don't know...maybe they just do.
  10. Well you know, I don't usually let these things bother me...but it was just so out of left field. And, your all right....who cares!?!?!?! This is ME and that's that.....
  11. "So out of left field", Shopmom, that it makes me think that these chicks were just jealous of your style - Box with jeans? You go, girl! You're in SF -- anything goes with everything!!:biggrin:
  12. They are SO jealous!!!!!

    When I get MY black box Kelly, I FULLY intend to wear it casually with jeans............:yes:
  13. If I feel like it, I'm going to wear my Box Birkin & Kelly wirh jeans and whatever I like! Cause I CAN "work it"!!:graucho: :P:lol: So, you go Shopmom!!:flowers:
  14. D., you can wear a box bag with ANYTHING; I wear jeans 95% of the time,and with any bag, I will wear them with my croc Pullman without second thoughts...That's the way I am and that's my style, and I don't care if other people don't agree...and anyway, I think that wearing a nice pair of jeans with a mens shirt or a nice top and a TDF bag, is the epitomy of chic...JMHO;) :flowers:
  15. You guys are GREAT! Thank you........:flowers: