Box leather accessories - good or bad idea?

  1. This would be for something you normally carry in your purse in a daily basis. I'm so used to having chevre I was just wondering how box would hold up. I know it scratches easier but don't they fade over time? Oh decisions, decisions.... what do you ladies think? TIA!:flowers:

    P.S. Don't worry, I don't have anything sharp in my purses. Everything has a case of some sort...:p
  2. well... if everything has a case I would think it would just get a gret patina faster, if anything...
  3. hermes_lemming, I have a box calf Rouge Vif. I love the feel of it....( love to run my hands over it:p ) and tho it has a few scratches they have blended into the leather. It's rides inside all my H bags, whichever one I'm carrying and I've had it 2 years.
  4. Ditto! The beauty of box calf is enhanced with usage. :love:
  5. My Rouge H Box Bern is looking mighty fine after riding around in my bags for a while. I highly recommend it as long as you're ok with some scratches and some great patina!!!!
  6. I think the great patina is THE one greatest draw factor of a box calf wallet (compensates for the scratch marks, which after awhile, your eyes get immune to them, and you don't see them anymore :whistle: ) But the other thing to consider is that for a wallet the price of the Bearn or the Azap, it's best that you choose a durable leather, that can withstand all the daily fingering, opening, closing etc. I don't know about most people here, but I think I handle my Azap at least 10 - 15 times a day!

    And box is durable, so it's also a plus point.

    I don't own a chevre wallet yet but haven't taken the plunge because I am concerned about the corners being scruffed up. I so wish someone from here who have used their chevre wallets for months, confirm that chevre can or cannot be restored to look brand new.

    But we all know, box calf can. Another plus point.

    My Azap is in Epsom. Initially, I was disappointed that I could not get any other leather for this but today, I appreciate that I have epsom in a wallet because it's holding up very very well, despite the constant handling. Guess what, it's the zipper that came apart first :lol:
  7. MrsS, I have several chevre mysore accessories and while I love the vibrancy of the colors, I've noticed that they get little "scars" very easily from rubbing against other items in my bag--almost spontaneously. They're all pretty new so I don't know what they'll look like over time. It seems like everything is chevre these days, so I haven't actually had the opportunity to try another leather.

    I'd love to try a box wallet, but from what I've read here, box is hard to come by.
  8. ^^ Mizzle, thanks for your feedback about chevre. I always wanted to know more how chevre wears over time. Guess I'll have to ask you this question several more months down the road :p . Do you know if chevre mysore can be reurbished to look like new again?

    You're lucky to see chevre in so many small accessories. A few months back, everything I saw was in epsom. Now, I see some chevre items at my store, but I am not looking to buy anything. Bad timing, I suppose. :push:
  9. thank you all for your lovely advice. i went ahead and picked up my little "do-dad" today and am currently in cloud nine. you know when you just see something and can't breathe or think about anything else? that was me... i even dreamt about it last night... so not kidding you.

    p.s. mrssparkles - chevre will last FOREVER. i bought my bearn over 3 years ago and it looks as good as new... seriously... i get compliments all the time whenever i use it (in or out of the H boutique)! no problems with busted up edges, seams, etc.
  10. congrats on your box beauty :smile: i want something in box myself, one of these days :p and i hear it is harder to get nowadays so enjoy it! :heart:
  11. ^ oh thank you.. i will. when i came home, my DH took one look at me and said "i thought you went shopping..." to which i replied, "i did..." and opened up my HB tote. his eyes nearly bugged out and then proceeded to ask me w/ a raised eyebrow "EXACTLY how many orange boxes do you have in there..."

    :roflmfao: :party: :wlae:
  12. HL...about the chevre accessories, have you noticed that they scratch and scar easily?

    Anyway, congratulations on your newest prize, lucky you!
  13. no scratch or scar whatsoever.. and i use my bearn nearly everyday. i'm telling you, it looks brand new. even my SA eyes bulged a bit when i revealed it's age. initially when i bought it, the SA who sold it to me that it would probably last 25 years. i'm starting to think they're right!
  14. my cherve bearn in orange is nearly a year old amd i have to say although looking a little worse for wear ie corners and a bit grubby i know that if i sent it to the spa it would come back as new...
  15. I loooooooove box (noble and have great patina...) so I think it's absolute necessary to have accessoires in box...