box is queen but...

  1. are there any other leathers that are popular on the resale/vintage market? does anyone have a 10+yo bag that is a leather other than box? how is it doing?
  2. I have a Kelly that is peau porc. It is a durable leather, very rigid, holds its shape, scratch resistant because of the light texture, and ages well. They used to make the saddles of porc because of its durability. But because it's such a hard leather, it is also hard to break in. Hermes now uses a calfskin embossed to look like peau porc.
  3. OFF TOPIC : since it will be the year of the pig (2007) - we'll never see the porc skin EVER! :rolleyes:
  4. all the croc/alligator bags seem to hold up well too.
  5. Courchevel


    Toile/leather combo
  6. About toile - how durable (stain resistant) is this?

    HH: GREAT QUESTION! Anybody know how old Togo is?

    I've seen some courchevel vintage bags that looked awful - I assume this is because the owner was very careless.

  7. I have a courchevel from 1994 and it is perfect!

    The really older toile would not be treated with the silicone that they use today so I think it really could get stained and they would never come out. My toile has been great and I have washed coffee off it! Of course it is from 2003
  8. ^^ So everyday use hasn't hurt it? I love the look but have always been afraid of it.
  9. gazoo, so have I. But, if it's easily cleaned, then I might search for a barenia/toile combo as I've always loved this look.
  10. what about chevre? anyone have an older chevre bag? how is it holding up?
  11. ^^Isus and Gazoo, my bag is a rouge H chamonix/toile Trim and I use it for weeks at time during the summer. Trust me, I have used this MUCHO! Looks brand new! The fabrics today are happily the result of modern technology and you don't have to worry. But....not advocating a mud bath for it:smile:
  12. Great topic!!
  13. I believe togo and clemence have been around since the 80's.
  14. maybe fjord??? i heard it is very sturdy. i just cannot get over the weight part.
  15. ^ yup, there is a Togo Birkin from the eighties in "The Power of the Purse" book