Box - how much does it hold?

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  1. I know the measurements are somewhere around 11.5 x 6.8 x 5, but it's always hard for me to visualize how much stuff a bag will hold. As compared to the City, for example, how much will fit? Photos would be awesome!

    Apologies if there's already a thread about this somewhere...
  2. i don't have any photos, but the box can hold alotta stuff hippiechic :tender: holds less than a city, but just as much as a twiggy ;)
  3. Ok cos i didn't want to hold a separate bag i stuffed:
    *A cardigan
    *2 dvds
    *A long wallet
    *Ipod (not in pic, with my bf atm)
    *Cosmetic case
    *Other misc items - tissue, pad, mirrior etc

  4. Ya, it can most likely hold everything you could need it to hold. My opinion, its the perfect size.. Im gonna miss it :cry:
  5. i absolutely love my box!!!!
    it hold everything and anything that you need.
    i put my Money wallet in it, 2 sets of keys, the cosmetic bag, lotions, and some other things depending on where we are headed out to. but it holds everything! the box is the perfect size!!
  6. ;) Here ya go! I hope this helps! My family of 05's Bubblegum Pink City, Teal City, Turq Twiggy, and Magenta Box. Personally I love the Box and the City. The Box is small but not too small, and the City big but not too big. I don't necessarily like how long the Twiggy is, but many gals love it. Additional pictures of the Box alone.

    img4068vt8.jpg img3843yj9.jpg
  7. Holy cow! All that stuff and a sweater? :yahoo:That's more than I try to fit in my City.