box for vinyl tote

  1. Could someone please direct me to the thread with information on the box for the tote? I think I remember something about a picture on the box. My SA said that she did not receive any boxes. I would like to fax her the exact description of the box. Happy birthday to the forum. It's also my birthday today. Thanks in advance.
  2. Are you talking about the Cabas? If so, it came in a huge white box with black chanel lettering. If it is, I can take a picture of it tonight when I get home.
  3. The cabas came in a large white box with black lettering. It was a very deep box. MY SA offered to mewhen I purchased, but I didn't want(no room).
  4. I also heard it came w/ a giant plastic "pillow" to keep the vinyl from sticking together while being stored . I also heard that these things were space consuming and many of the stores threw them out !
  5. Hi, I took a pic of mine. Here you go...

    P.S It also comes with a air pillow inside the bag to keep in in good shape when you store the bag in the dust bag and box.
  6. To all thank you so very much. You guys are the best. I will print it of and fax the picture to my SA tommorrow. I will ask her to make sure she secures a box for me and the air pillow.
  7. Geez. I threw away my air pillow. I think that I am going to buy a cheap pillow from Ross or something and use that instead...
  8. oh they didn't give you a box? thats no good - I hope you get your box soon!
  9. My NM SA told me that their warehouse often throws away the boxes because of size. At KOP they had no original boxes for any Balenciaga bags.
  10. Again, thanks so much to all for the replies. I faxed my SA the picture today and asked her to please insure that I get a box.
  11. I know , that makes me kind of mad though ! I want my box ! Chanel is the only one at my Saks that has always given me a box , Prada and Gucci can never find them .