Box came in the mail today.

  1. Now this is not one of the fancy Duffles, or Rory's or Carries. But I love it. Didn't know they had this bag in this color. When I ordered they only had 6 left. Who want's to see.
  2. :popcorn:
  3. Let go
  4. Yes please :smile:
  5. I'm here
  6. I'm Here!
  7. Ok, this isn't the greatest picture, but here goes
    Hailey in Mahogany. With Mermaid fob.

  8. Eye candy, please.

    (Thank you!)

    ETA: I'm always late with these reveal posts!

    What a perfect hailey! I wear my mahogany bag all the time. Congratulations!
  9. Too cute! Love the mermaid with hailey.
  10. It's lovely, I really think I need to get a brown purse...these rich lush leathers are very tempting :smile:
  11. Looks great. A nice rich brown. Congrats.
  12. Beautiful!! I love my black hailey and would love a mahogany!! Enjoy!
  13. Very pretty!
  14. Thanks everyone, she is a lot prettier irl. A deep dark Chocolate color. I just love dark brown bags.
  15. Very nice! Congrats!