Box Calf?

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  1. I'm typically not a fan of stiffer shinier leathers as I'm afraid they will scratch easily.

    For moderate wear and occasional travel, is a box calf Birkin or Kelly in a darker color highly impractical?
    I rely on you Hermes experts ;):biggrin:

    Is the box calf soft to the touch, as in not feeling like glazed cardboard?
    (What a way to put it but..hopefully you know what I mean)

    Is Togo heavier than Box?

    On an older (wellll over 40) but young at heart woman would a calf Birkin look...old lady-ish?
    That is: too conservative as opposed to textured?

    I didn't see anything specifically addressing this in the Hermes threads.
  2. Box calf scratches a lot so it's much more delicate than a textured leather. It also depends on how much you worry about this sort of thing; I have 2 Box bags and I've never worried much about scratching them, I think Box gets better and better the more you use it and the older it gets.

    I think Box is lighter than textured leathers, and as far as age is concerned (I'm in my forties too..:sad: ) I don't think it's the leather that makes a Birkin lady-ish so much as the size; IMO a size 30 is more lady-ish than a 35. Obviously it also depends on your height, if you're petite then maybe a 35 would look too big, but on an average height I prefer the 35.

    I hope this has been some help..:biggrin:
  3. ;) Thanks Duna . I'm tall so would probably go with a 35.
  4. OOPS! i didn't see this from our expert :biggrin: Gigi Leung the first time I searched and it answers several of my questions. Thanks G! And your box Kelly is gorgeous.


    "Hi Melisande, IMO some Hermes leathers age better than others. For example box calf. It ages very well and a box calf bag actually looks better as the bag is used more & more. Box calf bags will acquire a lovely patina after years of use. From what I know, this leather can also be refurbished by Hermes by polishing. But I don't think it's necessary to do this often. Most of the time I clean and take care of my Hermes bags with products that I know will work.

    Of course, how the owner takes care of the bag also plays a part. I think it's worth it to buy older or vintage bags if they are in good condition & have been well taken care of :smile:

    I have a Kelly that is almost 12 years old & it still looks very good. Here's a pic. It's a 28cm Rouge H Kelly in box calf leather. " __________________
  5. KitsKats,box calf is really beautiful especially when it comes to Hermes. My Kelly is almost 15 years old and it is like new. Yes, it will scratch given the right situation, but it depends how you handle your bag. If you are rough on your things than maybe it is not for you. With travel, it could be a bad choice again if you are not a calm traveler and always dragging too many things etc.
    However, it is truly stunning and box calf does make an elegant statement. I do love the textured leathers, but box really makes the bags gorgeous. Textured leather make the bag dressed down a bit. If you are really only going to use it on and off daily and for once in a while travel I would say box could be a really nice choice. I don't feel it is too stiff. I feel it will give you a more elegant appearance even if you are dressed down. It is like a "statement leather".
    Oh, we also shared how to take care of the leathers in another thread and that will help with a box calf bag.
  6. Anytime kitskats! :smile: I was going to link my post to Melisande & I see that you've found it! :lol:

    IMO the slight surface scratches add to the beauty & "character" of the bag :love:
  7. ;) THANKS!!
  8. If you notice, most of the vintage Kelly bags on ebay are in box leather - it really does last and last for decades!