Box Calf Items -- Spa Treatment or John Lobb at Home?

  1. Do you use John Lobb cream on your box calf items at home, or does everything go in for spa treatment? Also, which John Lobb cream should I buy?
  2. I use Meltonian shoe polish in neutral, I was told no more than twice a year for box items, just to keep them hydrated. Then as needed for refurbishing.
  3. HG - I finally found a local store that has the Meltonian polish in neutral in stock - can this be used on all H leathers, or just Box?
    Is it good for Clemence, Togo, etc?
  4. ^^I use it on my boxcalf mostly. Sometimes I touch up the clemence and togo. I leave the chamonix alone, otherwise that matte finish can fade. Barenia and vache natural I would take into the shop. Oh, exotics go to the shop, too.
  5. HG, you are so helpful!
  6. Agreed! Thanks - I'll buy the Meltonian then when I go pick up my shoes later this week!
  7. hermesgroupie, how do you apply the meltonian? Do you smooth a layer on, then let it sit, then wipe?

    (thanks - I'd rather use your method than trust the instructions on the jar.)
  8. ^^^I take a soft felt cloth, like the type they use in the shoe repair shops. Dab just a tiny bit, I mean as much cream as you would on your face, then rub it into the leather. It's best not to put too much, otherwise the wax will eventually rise to the surface and you'll get this white film. You know, like the white film chocolate gets when it's been left in the warmth too long and then allowed to cool. That's another reason to do it no more than twice a year.
  9. I cut up my old flannel night gowns. I also collect those little shine cloths that they give you at the hotels. Either of these works great!
  10. Many thanks, hermesgroupie!

    gracekelly, that's a terrific idea - thanks!
  11. Thanks so much for this advice, ladies!
  12. John Lobb cream is fantastic, I use the neutral on my vintage Kelly and it moisturizes the leather and gives a perfect result. I use a little on a soft cloth, rub in with circular motions, leave to dry for 15 mins. Then rub off with a soft cloth and use a pair of old hose to buff.
  13. What kind? Or is there only one cream? Thanks.
  14. I use the neutral JL shoe cream as that seems to be the main leather care/ moisturizer, works great on box leather.
  15. just wondering, what happens when you overmoisturize a bag?? is it even possible to do that?

    any idea?