Box calf for everyday?

  1. I recently bought a 28cm black box calf Kelly. I love her! I've decided that I would wear her on dressier occasions like going to the theatre and to dinner however I wonder if it's okay to take her out casually, like when I'm wearing jeans and a white shirt. I just don't want to look like I'm trying too hard. Do any of you who own H bags with calf leather use them everyday? Maybe it depends on the style of the bag???:s
  2. I have a raisin box whitebus that I use very often as my briefcase -- so it gets a fair amount of use. Box wears so well, and develops the beautiful patina -- but that only comes with use! And, Hermes can easily refurbish box.
  3. I plan on getting a box Kelly to use as an everyday bag. I think it's a decandent bag and should be enjoyed in a decadent fashion. Wear her everywhere and as funnyredhed says, the patina only comes with faithful use.
  4. Thanks for your opinion. I'm actually getting excited about its debut since this is my first H bag. I've had her a couple weeks but the couple times I wanted to take it out it looked like it was going to rain.
  5. Oh, no, don't take her out in the rain. You'll have heart attack when you see those water blisters.:wtf:
  6. Enjoy her!
  7. No way I would do that. After reading about H leathers from this forum I know not to do that:yes: . All I've done is take it out of its box every couple days and admire it.
  8. I want my black box calf kelly too!!!! (Still waiting to hear from my store manager if it's possible)
  9. Suprisingly I didn't have to wait at all. Walked right into the H store and was helped by a lovely SA who showed me 4 different Kellys. I chose mine, black box with ruthenium hardware. She even let me play with another client's Potiron Birkin. First time I've carried a Birkin and now I'm in search of one.....
  10. I used my 28 cm black box kelly with jeans, white top, and black slingbacks (or boots in the winter will work). I loved it! It looked great and Kelly got a LOT of glances! Definitely wear it casually!

    Actually, I felt most CHIC when i wore it like that.:P
  11. I can't wait to do so too. Thanks!
  12. iso, not in Asia.
  13. oh sorry, didn't know where you're located. what country are you in?
  14. Singapore:heart:
  15. I think black box kelly with jeans is chic !!!
    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: