Box Calf for everyday bag? On Trips?

  1. Okay, I'm bitten by the box bug (say that 3 times fast.)
    Who uses a box calf bag (specifically Kelly) as more than just a special occasion or evening bag? How does it hold up?
    Would you ever take a box Kelly (retourne) on a trip to somewhere like Paris or on other trips where the focus is more dining out, strolling around, shopping rather than touring and heavy sightseeing?
  2. I'm bitten by the box bug. I'm bitten by the box bug. I'm bitten by the box bug.

    I love mine. They WILL scratch, but I've learned to expect it as part and parcel to the whole box experience. At first, the scratches are annoying, then as the patina develops, the bag just seems to blossom. That in between period is kinda like our teen years, where nothing is graceful and everything is awkward. Then we grow into ourselves and mature gracefully.

    I do take them on trips, but I pack them in their sleepers in the suitcase. I've never carried one on the plane, but someone had a very good idea with putting them in those Longchamp pliages. I think that would work.
  3. ^ OOh, I KNEW what your answer would be! hehe
    I would use a Les Pliages and probably keep one in my car in case of rain or having to pick up kids from school with peanut butter all over their hands! LOL!
  4. The thing I love about box is you can get a lot of mileage out of one Kelly.
    Sort of, kind of pondering chocolate box?

    Just a little bit.
  5. I have a black box Kelly and it has held up just fine. Upon first getting it I used it exclusively even to go to the grocery store!! I've traveled with it but did have a few scares, because of unexpected sudden rain. That is my main reason for not using it lately. I was faced with the horrid decision to either cover my human baby or my Kelly baby and the fact that I hesitated made me feel SOOOOOO guilty. After that trip I retired her for a bit.

    BUT she is in fabulous shape. Normal scratches don't bother me as I know it contributes to patina and her corners have always been well looked after.
  6. Greentea, I used a brand new box calf retournee kelly every day (yes, really) for about three years. It wore its raincoat on nasty days, or would be carried tucked inside my coat. Just as hermesgroupie says, it will go through the slightly awkward stage on its way to developing that glorious patina. And just wait until you feel box calf leather!

    So, yes for every day and yes for trips.
  7. I have two box Kellys, two box Dalvys and a box Trim II. I use them all the time. I have two young sons (not box :smile: ) and I do not have a fussy lifestyle. They hold up very very well (the bags :smile:). Once the patina develops, misty and light raindrops are no problem - just wipe immediately.

    I have a choc. box 35 Kelly and if you're considering this bag, I have to say, you just can not go wrong! I take mine to the supermarket, everywhere - even the park! They go everywhere you want them to go. To me, they're like the scarves - once I figured out how durable the silk twills are (and the cashmeres, for that matter), I don't mind wearing them out everywhere.

    Plus, box refurbishes to like-new state! You just can't lose!

    Can't wait to see your new lovely box bag!:heart:
  8. lol, i was going to compare my concept of wearing in box leather more to raw denim (shrink-to-fit levis, etc.), breaking them in, getting them to fit your body just so and have all the nice, real wear-marks. but hermesgroupie's analogy works too. lol
    greentea, the reality is that style-wise, box can work any time! everyday use will age anything faster than very particular care. not necessarily a bad thing, just reality.
  9. greentea..i'm glad you open this thread..i have the same question here..
    i'm thinking about my next H bag..which i think is gonna be a birkin 35 in deep colour...and i cannot decide which leather i want..
    i want sth for everyday as well...
    seems like box calf is a good choice
    my SA thinks it's the most durable leather...last longest
    my question it heavy?
  10. Box calf is one of the lighter leathers.
  11. a different description than is typically posted here about box.
    in terms of value and beauty, durable in those respects. in terms of surviving unscathed from typical bag use... maybe not. it's condition is dependent i think on the terms of use. lol
  12. Katel - you give me hope!
    I truly don't think I'll mind the scratches if they turn into something beautiful (patina) eventually. I guess I just want something that will grow old with me and that my DD can use, too.
    I just keep thinking to myself that if I can have only one Kelly for a long time, what couldn't I live without? I think it's box. And I wear browns, olives, tans, greens, blues, ivory, white, a lot more often than gray/black. Hence the chocolate color. And chocolate goes with black clothing, too.

    Now I need to find one...
  13. GT, I use my black Kelly all the time! Yes, she's getting scratches, and my SA keeps telling me to use, use, use her! This is such a wonderful leather, and I have to admit, the only leather I'm interested in at the moment (for myself, that is).
    WAIT for that patina! Ohhh! And who really cares about the ugly duckling phase - not me! No H bag in box is ever really ugly, just going through it's teenage years.
  14. ^ Thanks, GF! REALLY, you have box tunnel vision, too?
  15. What size and hardware are you thinking, GT? And do you want retourne or sellier?