Box Calf Birkin Monday

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  1. Happy Monday everyone and hope the holiday was wonderful for those who celebrated!

    My latest news is my SA is on a hunt for a 30 box calf birkin for me. If it is not found an order will be placed for one. So, I need your help.

    I am leaning toward a neutral this go or chocolate, or ?.

    So, what do you think? If you own one, any advice? I know I have to get get past the scratches.

    It's voting time and any thoughts/info are welcome.
  2. I'm a "brown" girl, so I would vote for chocolate, but black Box is just as gorgeous! (I don't have to tell you that!);)
  3. Duna, do you think either one looks better or ages better?
  4. I vote brown as well.. Its a classic color goes with everything and IMO less boring that black.. i only get black handbag for night use.

    Goodluck kellybag, may u find ur dream bag soon :smile:
  5. Thank you pinkish for your opinion and good wishes...I have waited long enough for a bag. Good things come to those who wait!
  6. I vote for chocolate too.
  7. I'll go for chocolate too.
  8. Chocolate, KB! In box it is just so so rich! Particularly with palladium hw.

    (although in my heart, I prefer raisin box - it goes with everything, surprisingly, and looks positively majestic!)

  9. I vote brown :nuts:
  10. Thank you all so far who have helped me. I flip flop so much back and forth.

    I am open to other box colors, but these are available a bit more than say raisin, orange etc.
  11. I vote brown too. Black seems a bit severe for your semi-tropical climate.
  12. I think both colors age wonderfully; it really all boils down to which of the two YOU prefer, which color goes best with your wardrobe...Whichever you choose, you can't go wrong....
  13. Black gets my vote. I actually BOUGHT a brown box birkin but returned it. If it had been black, I wouldn't have hesitated for a second.

    But it ultimately comes down to which you like better, which you feel more comfortable with, and which looks better on you. When you try it on, it instantly becomes obvious what you should do.
  14. How about something in the brown family, like cognac or noisette???
  15. I like chocolate.