Box big enough for vernis alma mm does not exist?!

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    Sorry for all the questions lately, and thank you in advance for your advice and suggestions!

    I recently purchased a vernis alma mm at an LV event, was told that they did not have a box big enough for for my bag at the time, and that they would find me one later. However, now that I called back, they told me that their shipping department has told them that this entire year they have not recieved anything big enough to hold the vernis alma mm.

    In looking at some of the reveal pictures of other vernis alma mm's, it looks like others were able to get boxes that fit the vernis alma mm. Can anyone confirm if boxes this size actually exist?

    I don't know if I'm being picky, but I do have boxes for every single one of my LV pieces, and not having one to store this beauty in would really bother me. I'm also quite certain that the box I got for my neverfull would probably be big enough for the vernis alma mm (i have to double check when i get home), so I'm a little upset that I'm being told these boxes don't exist.

    What should/can I do?
  2. the box they gave me for my neverfull would definitely fit a vernis alma mm. so i know it does exist.
  3. Try to find something on ebay. I saw people selling their Chanel or LV boxes.

  4. ^^Exactly. It might not be one of their "pretty" boxes, though. The one I got for my NF was a flap box versus one of their "gift" type boxes.
  5. I don't mind if it's a "flap" box (which I did mention over the phone); but I was told that even that doesn't come in a size big enough for the vermis alma mm! :tdown:
  6. My Vernis Alma MM comes with the "Flap" box and it fits perfectly....
    Maybe you should keep calling and talk to someone else??
  7. Thats a load of B*******!! So if someone buys the Alma MM on the will they recieve it? In bubble wrap?? Honestly LV feed us some right crap at times! Iv received huge boxes for bags such as my Monty GM and Ellipse MM!
  8. I just received an Vernis Alma MM in Pomme D'Amour today that was shipped in from another LV store to my local LV boutique. It came in flip top box, which is better than nothing, but when I asked for a different box, the SA told me that they didn't make one big enough. I was so flabbergasted (I just paid over two thousand dollars for this bag and you don't make a decent box for it!) that I just took the bag and left the store. After reading this sting, I just remembered that my Artsy GM came in a box that more than ample for the Alma MM.

    BTW, I'm returning the bag as the inside lining is sewn in crooked (doesn't lay flat against wall of bag like my other Vernis Alma (PM Amarante), along with a few other issues in the patent process, and it's more awkward that I feel comfortable carrying.
  9. sadly, i dont think toronto LV gives boxes with purchases.. im not sure ... my boyfriend had bought me the NF ebene last year but it came with no box.. (well i exchanged it for a azur speedy) and thann in a few mnths he bought the azur NF && he told me he asked if theres any boxes and the SA there said no.... soo im pretty bumbed that my LV's dont come with boxes... only my belt n my wallet come with a box
  10. Hi there 613

    I purchased a Alma MM Vernis in Aramate 8 weeks ago and I was given a box!

    so Yes Louis Vuitton do have boxes to fit this beauty!!!!!!! :biggrin:

  11. I received a flap top box with my Beverly MM which is roughly 15" across... I am pretty sure the Alma would fit into a box that holds the BevMM
  12. The exact same story over here, they are definitely out there :smile:
  13. Thank you to everyone for the information.
    They found me a box! (I picked it up; but haven't tried it out yet.)