Box Bearn

  1. I am wondering if anybody has a Box leather Bearn?
    Does Box hold up well as a wallet for everyday use?
    Thanks for your comments and suggestions.
  2. S'mom, paging S'mom!!!
  3. Yes, I have a Bearn in black box, and truly it has lasted better than I expected given box's propensity for scratches. Maybe it is the construction of the bearn, but it is really OK. Mind you I am a careful person in general. If you are tougher on your bags I would go for a more durable leather, say, chevre.
  4. Where is S' she sleeping?
  5. I have a rouge vif box leather Kelly Bearn, M, and it is wonderful for everyday! I'm a tad less "grabby" when I reach for it, I learned to be a little more deliberate after the first few scratches...(and they really hardly show, they add character!). If you can let go of the first "oh it got scratched" feeling and just enjoy her (knowing she'll be patina-ed and perfect one day) it'a a delight - pretty, smooth, smells divine, makes paying bills a little less painful :p

    kelly bearn small.jpg
  6. Katel, your Rouge Vif Bearn is gorgeous!

    I've got a Rouge H Box Bearn and it's a delight to touch. I've been using it for the past year (in rotation with a Dogon and another Bearn) and it looks wonderful.
  7. Yes...I love your Bearn Katel. It is gorgeous!

    Millstream...I forgot you had a Rouge H Box Bearn! How nice!!
  8. :tup:

    I have a black box bearn bifold the same as Katel
    and I love it!
    I have to say I am not that careful with it, I try but am so rushing around all the time and it recently got totally saturated in my recent cottage flooding and you know what its kept its shape and color and is on its way for a polish

    I have lost a couple of stitches though through use but the craftslady will soon put that right

    The joy of touching the leather is fantastic
    I say go for it
  9. I DO! I DO! I DO! heeheehee......I love when I'm paged.

    I've got TWO Box calf Bern's. One Rouge H and one Black. One is the compact which I'm using a lot more these days than the bigger one.

    I love them but the do get scratched regardless of how careful you can be. Just the nature of taking it in and out of the bag does it....but once you've got one or two scratches, it doesn't matter anymore and you just USE the thing. It gets a nice patina and softens up a bit. I adore them!!!!
  10. I have a navy box bearn bifold and I love it. Yes, I did scratch it, but now I am more careful with my keys. I love the elegant look of this wallet in box. Mine is navy.

    I tried to photo so you can see the scratches, but as you can see, even after 10 months, it still looks great, though there are some very light marks on it.



    I really enjoy my chevre accessories, but there is something so elegant about this bearn in box. I do not keep coins in it, I only keep the five CCds and a few 20s, and maybe the odd receipt.

    Cant wait to see what you decide!

    ETA: Mine is the one without the extra top stitching on the bill side (above the H)
    bearn front2.jpg bearn back.jpg
  11. Ooooo.....I LOVE that in Navy!!!! Just gorgeous!!!!!
  12. Welcome back, S'Mom! :heart:
  13. thank you lovehermes and MillStream :heart:

    Ooooh CobaltyBlu, LOVE your navy box Bearn :drool:


    So what are you thinking about, miss lovehermes?? :graucho:
  14. :love: Thanks ladies!!
  15. gorgeous is the Navy Box Bearn!! Thanks for sharing!