box bag.. sorry not sure about the name but rare style

  1. Pretty color!
  2. Thanks for sharing!
  3. I think this is from the "Metallica" line. It's different leather than the Motorcycle bags, but very pretty as well. :smile:
  4. Isn't that the "Neutral Bag" that someone posted on the main forum?
  5. GLIMMER- OMG- I'm freaking out- that's Jim from THE OFFICE!!! I LOVE that show sooooo much!!!! I should put Pam in my aviator! LOL
  6. YES!!!!!!!! I am so obsessed with the whole Jim/Pam thing so I thought I'd put his pic where I spend all my time--HERE! :yahoo: Yes, put Pam in your avatar so they can spend time together. :love: :love: :love: lol!!

    Olfa, I didn't even pay attention to the price. How much is the retail? Oh, I could just check the other thread. lol!
  7. This might be the smaller version, maybe? There are (at least) two sizes of that bag. It's a gorgeous bag - I have a different style in that leather, and it is 2die4. :yes: