Box Availability?

  1. Okay, I'm desperate for a box. HG would be Bordeaux, Grenat, or blueberry. Anyone seen any of these around?
  2. I haven't seen any on eBay - I want one too. It seems like a great size. I agree with your colour choices too.

    I can't quite afford to get one just yet so if I see any - I'll let you know. Good luck in finding one.
  3. Will do...thank you!
  4. I dunno if you like INK (SS 06) but Barneys in Madison had one last time I was there - I don't think it's displayed on the sales floor but they have it.
  5. I've never seen an ink bag IRL. Is it similar to blueberry. Sorry for the question, Bal Newbie...:blush:
  6. Aloha Rag has red, (I assume Rouge VIF) white, and emerald in stock as of yesterday. Good luck finding what you want!
  7. Ink bbags differ greatly in color! Some look very purple, some more blue and no purple, some almost look like black in low lighting, some are much lighter. Blueberry is bluer than any ink you will find I think.

    There should be plenty of pictures on the forum, just use the search function :smile:
  8. Raffaello networks have them in grenat, sapin and truffle.