Box and Twiggy

  1. I was wondering if anyone has both bags and can post a pic? I am still having a hard time comparing the shape and size between the 2:confused1:. I have seen twiggy IRL but not the box. Thanks in advance:flowers: .
  2. hi. sorry i dont' have the box, but do have a twiggy. it's my understanding that the twiggy is longer, more barrel-shaped than the box, which is shorter. hope somebody can post pics.
  3. The box is shorter than the twiggy. If you look at it from the side, the twiggy is slightly wider at the base than at the top, while the box is more rectangular. The box is smaller than the twiggy.
  4. Thanks guys. I am going to the store and see if they have both. The last few times I went there they had either one or the other, so frustrating.