Box and Chamonix

  1. Do you ever have trouble telling them apart?
    The newest Box I have is a Birkin bought at store in 2001. It is so shiny that it makes some of my older Box look like Chamonix. I keep hoping this Birkin will lose this patent leather- like shine, but beside other Box, it seems too shiny.
    Bought a black Box piece yesterday, at least SA said it is is Box. It is not marked on tag and it looks like Chamonix to me.
  2. There are SAs who often can't differentiate one from the other. :yes:

    And with the recent launch of the Troika HACs and Kellys, some think that Evercalf is Chamonix!
  3. ^ Thanks, maybe this Evercalf. I'll compare to known Chamonix.
    Seems like the leather name should be furnished.
    The Hermes mystique of not knowing for sure......
  4. In the past, I have had no trouble telling box from chamonix based on the shine factor alone. Evercalf and chamonix give me a little more trouble. Evercalf is a little softer (hard to describe), more delicate than chamonix I think, but similar in matte-ness.
  5. evercalf has a distinct softness/silky to the touch-and on it on would not be stiff like the other two
    chamonix is hard, stiff and matte
    box is hard, stiff with shine
  6. The new generation evercalf is not so easy to differentiate from Chamonix. I looked at a Troika Kelly in 28cm and thought that the stiff matte skin was Chamonix, only to read the tag and it said evercalf. Very tricky these days.
  7. Sounds like this would be a great thread - how to determine what leather is what. For ex. my SA says that Chevre looks like human skin and he's right.
  8. I love Chamonix and Box and have both.....sometimes it IS difficult to see the difference so you need to hold the piece to the light. If there's a shine, it's Box calf. If not, it's Chamonix!
  9. I got a little horn comb and case at an estate auction. It was authenticated as box, but I wonder... It's almost 20 years old, and it's got a much softer hand. I've began to think evercalf myself, or black Barenia. Hard to tell, and different people have told me different things LoL
  10. The older Box calf is a thicker leather with a softer hand....I find the older Box Calf much more yummy than the new!
  11. Hmmm ok S'Mom that does make sense. I love how soft it is, nice piece to hold.

    Makes me want a vintage box Kelly even more.... :girlsigh: (sigh)
  12. Oh MUST have a vintage Box Kelly. It should be on EVERYONE'S "must have" list......there's really nothing like it.
  13. To be really sure of the type and color of leather, I usually asks to take look at the white card with complete bag description written in French that comes outside of the original orange box. This tells you the model number, bag design, size, color number, type of leather and color of metal hardware. Sometimes the information on the ticket price does not match the information on the description white card. I always asks for this description card if available when I purchase my bag so that I have a more accurate and detailed information for reference later on.
  14. :girlsigh: I know. :love:

    My localish H shop knows I want one, but I need to keep an eye out for a proper vintage one. I just get so hesitant to buy vintage H... perhaps I just need to get over it :shame:
  15. Wonder when this change occurred? My box items from the nineties are great, but this 2001 Box is just not my cup of tea. I have tried and tried to "break it in" It shines like patent leather. The shine on my older Box is satiny, not glassy like this newer piece.

    Any advice on toning down the shine?